TH350 To TH400 Swap: What To Do

th350 to th400 swap
th350 to th400 swap

Camping enthusiasts enjoy going out on trips much more frequently than most people. Their trips can last from weeks to even months at times. Considering this, many people report that these users are out traveling on their trips more than they are at their homes. This is why an enthusiast needs to carry a lot of equipment with them. This will not only help them in staying relaxed on their trips but should also prove to be an essential part of surviving.

With that being said, the most common issue that you will notice these people having is trying to carry all of this equipment with them. This is why one option is that you get yourself a good motorhome or RV. These large vehicles come with numerous features as well as enough space to carry all of this luggage. Considering this, you should not have any problems when packing equipment for your trip.

Transmission System

Keeping the facts mentioned above in mind, you will notice that having a motorhome can be amazing. Although, if you are thinking about purchasing these for yourself, then you will notice that many companies are manufacturing them. Trying to choose between all of these can be quite difficult due to a large number of models available.

This is why one easy method to narrow down your options is considering what your requirements are. Additionally, you must check what engine and transmission system the motorhome is using. This is because these parts are mainly responsible for the performance of your vehicle. Choosing a motorhome with a good engine and transmission system will ensure that you have a stable driving experience as well as avoid running into any issues.

TH350 To TH400 Swap

One of the most famous transmission systems that people had on their motorhomes as the TH350. The unique design on this was easily able to handle most of the load put on the vehicle. Additionally, even most RV manufacturers used the transmission system on their vehicles by default. Considering this, if you are someone who bought an older motorhome or if you have been using your vehicle for quite some time now.

Then there is a high chance that you already have this transmission system on your vehicle. With that being said, you should note that the TH350 has now received an upgrade which is known as the TH400, which is why many want to swap from the former to the latter. This transmission system is much more powerful and it can handle load a lot better than its predecessor.

Although, before you do this, it is important to understand that both of these systems are completely different. Additionally, while the TH400 is much more powerful, the increase in performance might not be required on your motorhome. With that being said, if you are still looking to upgrade the transmission system then there are two main things that you will have to look out for. The driveshaft and crossmember on your vehicle will either have to replace with new ones or you can try customizing them to fit the new device.

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