Superflex vs EPDM- Which One Is The Better Choice?

superflex vs epdm
superflex vs epdm

Most people enjoy going out on camping trips with their family and friends. However, when it comes to enthusiasts, these users like to go out on trips much more frequently. Additionally, they will stay on their trips for a few weeks or even months.

When it comes to this, surviving in your car is not possible. This is why companies have large vehicles that you can purchase instead. Most motorhomes have enough features in them that you will feel like traveling in your own home.

Aside from this, there are also many electrical appliances installed in these vehicles. When it comes to keeping your motorhome maintained, there is one thing that you have to be careful about. This is the roofing material used on the top of your RV.

Two popular choices that most people go with are the ones we’ll be discussing today in our SuperFlex vs EPDM guide. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with information about these two. Going through them should help you in selecting one out of the two easily.

Superflex vs EPDM


SuperFlex is one of the most famous roofing materials used by motorhome owners all around the world. The unique design of this rubber material allows you to easily install the product. Additionally, one of the main selling points for it is that the roofing is half the weight of EPDM. The material can easily be stretched which makes the installation process even easier.

The reason why most people decide to change their roofing is actually because of its weight. Additionally, the usual materials used can get damaged quite easily when driving in harsh weather. Considering this, you must install something like SuperFlex on your roof that will keep it protected. These will keep the color on your roofs maintained as well as prevent water from entering through the seals.

The product comes in rolls which decide its price. Considering this, if you are interested in purchasing SuperFlex for your vehicle, then make sure that you check the dimensions for its roof. This will help you in purchasing the perfect amount of roofing material easily.

Other than this, keep in mind that a little extra SuperFlex will be better than running short on it. Some people even recommend that you store some of this rubber material in your vehicle in case you might need it sometime.


Continuing on with our SuperFlex vs EPDM comparison, the latter is a synthetic rubber that can be used in many different situations. The main benefit of using this on the roof of your vehicle or home is that the material is quite durable.

Considering this, many people install layers of EPDM rubber on the roofs of their vehicles. These will then ensure that the material underneath is kept protected. This includes protection from UV rays, harsh weather conditions, and even scratches. Keep in mind that if you want to install layers of EPDM on your vehicle then the seams will still have to be sealed properly.

Considering this, if you notice any cracks or damages on the seals on your vehicle then get these replaced beforehand. You should also use waterproof products to ensure no water gets through the seals. Although, these same factors apply when using SuperFlex as well. The two main benefits that you will notice when using SuperFlex though are its lightweight and ability to not get discolored easily.

The lightweight will allow you to carry even more stuff in your vehicle without running into any problems. Alternatively, it will lower the fuel taken by your vehicle by improving its mileage. While this will not be noticeable when traveling short distances. However, most motorhome users make long trips in which case the mileage and fuel saving will be a lot more noticeable. Most people recommend getting SuperFlex over EPDM because it being a lot better in many important factors.

Although, in the end, the choice depends on you to select which product will be better for you. If you are still confused then match the prices between these two products. The cheaper one should be a better option for you. Other than this, both brands have customer support services so you can contact and ask any questions that you might have. They will also be able to help you in deciding how much of the material is required on your motorhome.

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