Suburban NT-20SEQ Troubleshooting Steps – 3 Issues

suburban nt-20seq troubleshooting
suburban nt-20seq troubleshooting

Going out on camping trips can be a lot of fun. Although, when it comes to camping enthusiasts, you will notice that they have large vehicles with them. These RVs and motorhomes help them on their trips as they are going to stay for long durations. All the features in these vehicles make people feel like they are traveling in their own homes. Some of these include having access to electrical appliances and even furniture that you can rest on.

Although, the appliances installed on your motorhome usually depend on what brand you went for. Most dealers will provide you with the option to select if you require certain devices or not. The Suburban NT-20SEQ is a famous furnace that lots of people have installed on their vehicles. This is amazing to use but there are also some issues that you can run into with it. This is why we will be using this article to list some common problems that you can get on Suburban NT-20SEQ along with troubleshooting steps.

Suburban NT-20SEQ Troubleshooting Steps

1. Adjust Temperature

One of the most common issues that you will hear people complain about is that their Suburban NT-20SEQ furnace is not heating up properly. This can be quite annoying to deal with as you are most likely in a cold area. Although, you should note that these devices have a small dial on them that you can use to configure them. Depending on the room temperature of your vehicle, you have to ensure that the temperature set on your furnace is higher than it. In case this was lower, you can adjust it by increasing it slightly. You will then notice that the furnace in your vehicle has started to blow out warm air again.

2. Clean Furnace

If you are still getting the same issue then there is a chance that you have not kept your furnace clean. Even though the Suburban NT-20SEQ is a famous model that should last you a long time. Keep in mind that it is still important that you keep it in check. The maintenance on these devices is quite easy and you only have to keep them cleaned. If you have not been doing so, then start by checking the sensors on your furnace.

These are quite sensitive which is why they might be having trouble trying to check what temperature your vehicle currently has. To clean them, you will have to use a small pin and then carefully remove all the dust stuck on them. Applying too much pressure can easily damage the device. Although, you should note that if cleaning it up did not work then there is a high chance that your sensors are already damaged. In this case, you will have to purchase replacement sensors and ensure that they are compatible with your current furnace. Installing these should help in getting rid of your problem.

3. Furnace Not Blowing Out Air

Sometimes when you power up your furnace, you might notice that it is running but there is no air coming out from your vents. There are two main reasons behind this issue. The first one is that you might have switched off the fans on your furnace. These can be adjusted using the control panel on your device so make sure that you turn them up. If air starts blowing out then you can enjoy using the device. Although, if there is still no air or if the pressure is too low then your vents might be clogged. Just like the furnace, you must keep the vents clean as well.

Trying to remove dust from them by hand is almost impossible as you can barely fit your arms in them. This is why it is recommended that you either try vacuuming in the vents. If the dust in them is clogged then you can contact a specialist. They have equipment that can easily remove all the dust that is stuck in your vents. In case of any other issue, you should consult the support team for Suburban. The team is quite helpful and you will only have to tell them about your problem in detail. They should then be able to help you out to the best of their abilities.

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