3 Common S&S Campers Problems (Troubleshooting)

s&s campers problems
s&s campers problems

People who want to purchase a vehicle for their camping trips will notice that there are lots of options. While many users decide to purchase a recreational vehicle or motorhome. You should note that these can cost you a fortune. Additionally, people who already have a large vehicle at their home might not want to purchase another one. This is why one option is to purchase a camper for your vehicle. These can either be towed down to your vehicle or directly installed over them.

S&S Campers is a famous company that manufactures these vehicles for their users. You can go through their website to find a list of all their vehicle along with their specifications. While these are great to use, there are also some issues that you run into when driving around the vehicles. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of problems that can be found on S&S Campers along with some steps to fix these.

S&S Campers Problems

  1. Seals Coming Off

While Campers and RVs are completely different vehicles, the concept behind them is almost the same. Considering this, the steps to keep these maintained are also quite similar. Talking about this, you should already know how important it is to keep a check over the seals in your vehicle. These keep the entire camper or RV locked up and protected from any dirt or water entering it. Keeping these maintained should ensure that these last you a long time and avoid most issues with your vehicle.

Though, with time, you will notice that the seals on your vehicle will eventually start to come off. When this happens, the water hitting your vehicle will start to enter it. This can damage the interior of your camper as well as its floor. This is why it so important o keep a check over the seals in your vehicle. However, if these have already started to come off then you can take these off completely. Make sure that you remove any excess glue that was left on the surface of your vehicle.

The user can then proceed to install a new layer of sealant and attach their seals back in their place. Using a waterproof sealant will ensure that no water enters your vehicle even during heavy rainfalls. As for the shape of your seals changing. The user can use a heat gun or blow dryer to soften the rubber for these. This will allow them to bring the shape of their seals back to their original state. Just make sure that you do not apply too much heat as it can damage the product instead.

  1. Electrical Problems

Sometimes when trying to use an electrical appliance in your camper. The user might notice that their outlets are not working properly. These electrical issues usually happen when there is a problem from the backend or in your connections. You can use a light bulb to check all the sockets in your camper. Observe the light to see if the outlets do not have any issues. A perfectly working switch will allow your bulb to light up perfectly without any flickering.

Considering this, if you notice that a single outlet is giving you trouble then get it replaced with a new one. However, if all these are running into problems then you will have to check the batteries in your vehicle. Make sure that these are completely cleaned off and water is filled into them. In some cases, the batteries in your vehicle can die out and require a complete replacement as well. Though, you should contact the company before trying to purchase a new battery.

  1. Faulty Equipment

When using the equipment that comes installed in your camper the user might sometimes run into problems with these products. Though, you should note that any faulty devices out of these usually require you to contact S&S directly. They are responsible for these and should provide you with a solution. Just make sure that you provide them with all the information required about your problem. This will help them in finding the exact reason why you are getting this issue. Additionally, the company can even provide you with replacement units if your camper was still under warranty.

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  1. We recently purchased a 2002 S&S 8.5 SC. Someone had cut out the outside corner storage compartments (I assume to fit it onto an 8′ bed). What are those compartments for and can they be easily re-built? Thank you.


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