3 Approaches To Fix Soundstream GPS Not Working

soundstream gps not working
soundstream gps not working

Going out on camping trips can be a lot of fun. But if you are an enthusiast that travels frequently, then you might start running into problems when storing your equipment. This is why most campers have motorhomes and trailers that fix this issue. These vehicles come with a lot of storage as well as rooms that are completely furnished.

This lets you rest comfortably even while you are traveling. Motorhomes even have outlets in them that can be used to power up your appliances. Keeping all of this in mind, having an RV with you can be amazing. However, there are still some issues that you can run into even on these vehicles. One common problem people report is that the Soundstream GPS is not working. We will be using this article to provide you with some steps that can be used to fix this.

Soundstream GPS Not Working

1. Check Antenna

Having a GPS on your vehicle can be amazing as this device lets you know which route to take when traveling. You can even use this if you are lost or don’t know what road to take. Although, the GPS not working can be quite annoying. One common reason why this can happen is if the antennas are not mounted correctly.

These have to be in such a spot that they can easily catch on to signals coming from satellites. Considering this, you will have to check where your antennas are. Use guides provided online or run some tests to determine which position will be best for your antenna. You can then take it off and install it in the new position. Make sure that you connect all the wirings and ensure that your antenna is tightly placed. If done correctly, your device should now start working again without any issue.

2. Check GPS Wiring

The step mentioned above should help in fixing your GPS if it was not receiving signals. However, if the feature is not being detected on your motorhome then several things might be causing it. First of all, you have to ensure that your vehicle does have GPS.

If the feature is present and still not showing up on your display then its wirings might have come out. You will have to take out your radio unit and access its back. This should have all the cables that you will have to check. Make sure that you connect the wire that was loose or comes out to fix your issue.

3. Replace GPS

If you are still getting the same issue then there is a high chance that your GPS might be faulty. Usually, replacing it with a new one should help in getting rid of the problem. However, you can also contact the support team for Soundstream.

They should look into the issue to see what exactly is causing it. You will then be provided with a solution that can be used. Alternatively, the brand will send you a replacement unit. Although, if your GPS was old then you should get an upgraded model instead of the same one.

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