3 Ways To Fix Sleep Number Bed Pump Not Working

sleep number bed pump not working
sleep number bed pump not working

Going out on camping trips can be a lot of fun. While most people like to go out during their holidays or vacations. Some users enjoy going out on trips every month.

Considering this, if you properly bring the right equipment with you then you will have a much better time. These are not necessary but will still help you during your trips. One of these is having an inflatable bed.

This allows users to carry a bed that they can inflate with air when needed. Filling in the air with your mouth can be too difficult for your lungs. This is exactly why equipment like sleep number bed pumps are working that are automated pumps.

Although, some users have recently reported some issues with these devices. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some troubleshooting steps if your Sleep number bed pump is not working.

How to Fix Sleep Number Bed Pump Not Working?

  1. Check Main Power

If you wanted to fill in air in your mattress and your pump stopped working. Then this can be quite annoying to deal with. Additionally, numerous things can cause this issue.

Considering this, trying to pinpoint the problem can take some time. Although, the first thing that you can check which is usually the issue is your cables. Make sure that the connection or socket you are using as your main power is working fine.

Several methods can be used to confirm this. This includes plugging in your Sleep Number bed pump in another outlet.

Alternatively, a better option is to check the voltages that your sockets are giving off. You can use a volt or multimeter for this. These are available in most electrical stores and give you the exact value of current coming to your device.

If you do not have access to these then you can use a lamp instead. Observe its bulb to notice any fluctuations in power. If you do notice any issue then a spare socket can be used. However, if all of these are giving you the same problem then the issue might be from your backend.

This includes any generators, external power sources, or batteries that you might be using. You will have to troubleshoot these to fix your problem. In some cases, simply tightening your plug might even fix the issue you were having.

  1. Reset Device

Once you have confirmed that there are no problems with your bed pump. The second thing that you can try is resetting your device. The automated system in these bed pumps stores some data while it is working.

With time this can start to gather up causing issues on the device. Alternatively, there might be a file on your system that can cause the device to have issues.

Luckily, a simple reset completely removes all of these cache files fixing the issue you were previously having. This is quite easy to do and you will have to start by unplugging your pump for a minute. You can then plug it back in and then press the ‘R’ button on your remote.

Your pump should now wake up, after which the user can press and hold down both the up and down buttons on their remote. Keep these held until you notice a countdown appearing on your screen.

This will start from 10 and then go to 1 after which the device will be reset. Wait patiently for the process to complete. Once done, your problem should now be gone and you can start using your pump.

  1. Pump Has Become Faulty or Damaged

If you have already checked or tried both the steps mentioned above but your pump is still giving the same issue. Then there is a high chance that your device has gotten damaged or become faulty.

The pipes in these can sometimes start to leak air which stops the equipment from working. You can get these replaced to fix your issue. Although, if the motherboard or power supply on the device has become faulty.

Then these are not easy to repair or replace. Considering this, the only thing that you can try is to send your device back to the company and ask for their assistance.

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