3 Ways To Fix Silverado Tow Haul Mode Not Working

silverado tow haul mode not working
silverado tow haul mode not working

You can turn on the Tow Haul mode with the press of a button on the new Silverado truck. This mode keeps the vehicle in lower gears for a longer period. That makes it easier for the driver to maintain power and control over the vehicle.

Ideally, you should have an attached weight of about 50 to 70 percent of the weight of Silverado before turning on this mode.

However, some drivers recently complained about the tow-haul mode not working on their Silverado. This is why we will be listing some solutions for this error.

How to Fix Silverado Tow Haul Mode Not Working?

  1. Fix Pinched Wires

If nothing happens when you press the tow-haul mode button then it may be that the wires beneath the panel got damaged. According to other drivers, the wires connected to this button can easily get damaged from the gear shift mechanism.

So, if your button is unresponsive then it is likely that the wires connected to your button are also damaged.

You will need to access the panel and replace the wires connected to the tow-haul mode button. You shouldn’t have any trouble in replacing the wires as you can differentiate them easily from the other wires in your panel.

If the wires are damaged or cut then you will need to patch them back to get the button working again.

  1. Clean Contact Points

Aside from the pinched wires, having dirty contact points on your button can also create similar problems for you. So, if your wires are not damaged or cut then you should try cleaning the contact points of the button.

The button press does not get registered if the contact points are dirty. This is probably why you are unable to use tow-haul mode.

To get the tow-haul mode working again, try using compressed air or some other cleaner on the button to clean the contact points.

Put everything back into place after cleaning the button and then try using the tow-haul mode again. It should start working if there are no additional issues with the basic functionality of the tow haul mode.

  1. Vehicle Workshop

As mentioned before, the primary cause of this failure is broken wires. In almost all cases, drivers had broken wires beneath the dash panel. You can easily locate these wires; they are of orange color and directly connected to the button.

Patch the wires and everything will start working again. However, if you are unable to fix the tow-haul mode after cleaning the button and patching the wires then you need to take your vehicle to a workshop.

You will need a professional to take a look at the transmission and figure out why you’re unable to use the tow haul mode. If the issue is not related to the wiring or the contact points then you won’t be able to fix it at home.

That means if the problem is not fixed by patching the wires, then you will need to spend some money and take your Silverado to a workshop. Doing that will save you a lot of time and headache.

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