Shurflo Pump Not Pumping: 3 Ways To Fix

shurflo pump not pumping
shurflo pump not pumping

There are a lot of things that can run into problems while you’re on a camping trip. The electricity and water supply are the two most important things for a comfortable journey. You need to have a reliable water pump and electricity generator if you want to avoid problems.

However, it is not rare to run into issues with your water pumping device like a Shurflo pump. This is why we will be going over some solutions that can help you fix the Shurflo pump if it is not pumping. So, if you’re having issues with your Shurflo device just follow these methods.

Shurflo Pump Not Pumping

  1. Check Filter

Most often than not, this problem with your Shurflo water pump is caused by a clogged filter. Usually, users forget to change the water filter which creates the pumping problem in the device. Depending upon the quality of the water in your tank, you should change your filter every 3 to 6 months.

So, if you have not changed the water filter in a long time then now might be a good time to do so. It won’t take you any longer than a few minutes to change the filter on your water pump. You will just have to unscrew the filter cap and replace the filter. That should fix the pumping problem as long as your device is not damaged.

  1. Check Plumbing

Aside from the water filter, you should also check the pipes for any possible leaks. If the water pipes are leaking then no pressure will build up in the device. So, if you’re having pumping issues the check the water lines one by one. Make sure to seal any cracks or leaks you find in the waterline. Other than that, you should also make sure that nothing is clogged in these pipes.

After checking and cleaning the waterline, you should check the water level in your tank. If the water level is below a certain limit, the pump is unable to get the water supply from the tank. So, depending upon how you installed the pump, you will need to ensure that the water line has full access to the water in your tank. Otherwise, the device won’t work.

  1. Check Pump Housing

Along with the clogging issues, cracks in the pump housing can also cause a similar problem for your Shurflo device. So, you will need to inspect the pump housing for any physical damage. If the pump housing is damaged then it becomes impossible for the pump to maintain the water pressure which is why you don’t get any water from your system.

Sadly, there are no troubleshooting steps that can help you fix the water pump yourself and you will need to replace the pump installed in your RV. You can also try claiming a warranty if the purchase was recent.

So, make sure to call the company number or your dealer regarding the pumping issue. That should help you get your hands on a new Shurflo Pump without having to spend any extra money.

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