Sharkbite vs Blue Hawk- Which One Is Better?

sharkbite vs blue hawk
sharkbite vs blue hawk

Whether you are talking about furnaces or the water pipelines in your home or RV. One of the most important things to look out for in these is the connections.

This is because in case these come off or get loose, water will start to drip from your pipes. Considering this, you will then have to find where the leak is coming from and fix your connection.

However, when using PVC pipes, you have to replace them with new ones. These will then have to be fitted using glue or a similar solution. On the other hand, if you were using copper pipes then these will require soldering.

Considering this, a better option is to use push-fit fittings instead. Two of the most popular ones that you can get are either from Sharkbite or Blue Hawk. If you are confused between these two then going through this article should help you in selecting one.

Sharkbite vs Blue Hawk


Sharkbite is a famous company that is known for its amazing fittings. They have a huge lineup that you can select from which includes both pipes and fittings. These are all made from different types of materials, which gives you the user several options.

You can visit their official website to find a list of all the products available. These should be listed under different categories, helping you understand which ones will be better for you. Another great thing about their website is that most of the information required about the products is provided along with them.

Although, if you are still having trouble selecting a pair of pipes or fittings to use at your home. Then one option is that you contact the customer support team for Sharkbite. They are quite friendly and should respond as soon as possible.

You can then ask them about any questions that you had or for help regarding which products will be better for you. Most pipes from the company are rated at high PSI ratings which makes them extremely durable.

Additionally, they have instant push-fit connections that are extremely easy to use. These can be used to repair any leaks by simply installing the fittings on them. There is no requirement for which material these will work on which makes them even better.

Finally, you do not even have to solder or apply a glue solution to these. Considering this, you can install the fittings on your own while most standard ones require you to contact a specialist that will help you with them.

Blue Hawk

Blue Hawk is a famous company that is known for its pipes and push fittings. These come in numerous shapes and sizes which ensures that you can easily find fittings that will work for your pipes.

You can either visit the official website for Blue Hawk or find a dealer that has these available. All the fittings from the company can then be checked their allowing you to purchase the ones you need.

One thing that you should note about these fittings is that they will only work on CPVC, PEX, and copper pipes.

Aside from this, there is no need to solder or glue these together which makes them extremely easy to install. The only thing that you will have to do is to tighten the O ring provided on your fittings.

Once done, your connection should be secure, you can also remove the fitting whenever you want to by loosening the O ring. As for the PSI ratings, these are rated 980 for Blue Hawk, while Sharkbite has a PSI rating of 200. The temperature ratings for Blue Hawk are also 30 degrees higher making them 230 which makes these fittings much stronger.

Aside from this, these are also much cheaper when compared to Sharkbite. Though when it comes to warranty, you should note that Blue Hawk only provides replacements if there were any defects from the company.

On the other hand, Sharkbite ensures that they will provide you with a replacement if you had been maintaining your fittings but they still broke. The warranty service also lasts for 25 years which makes it amazing.

Considering this, both companies have great fittings that you can get although, Sharkbite should be better if you have a higher budget. Alternatively, if you want to use these fittings for industrial use then the high PSI rating on Blue Hawk should come in handy.

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