RV vs Tour Bus: Which is Better?

RV vs Tour Bus: Which is Better?
RV vs Tour Bus: Which is Better?

Recreational Vehicle (RV) vs. Tour Bus

When holidays are around the corner, most people just want to relax and enjoy their free time traveling to and discovering new places. Since a lot of times, simple things like daily life, work, and even your own home can put you in a routine from which it is very difficult to get out at times. You deserve to get some rest!

If you are not traveling overseas there are a couple of options to choose from to travel through land and use the roads. Today we will talk about 2 of those options, Recreational Vehicles, and tour buses and we will go through different advantages and disadvantages so you can figure out which one is better for you according to your needs.

First, let’s start defining the differences. An RV is a general term for a vehicle that is used for purposes beyond a normal vehicle, meaning it’s not just for transportation. They are typically equipped to sleep in vary in shape, features, type of fuel size, storage space, etc. While a tour bus is still considered part of the RV category, what sets them apart is that it has the appearance of a commercial bus, but they tend to be more luxurious. Their sizes are usually between 25 to 45 feet or even more, depending on the model.


While general RVs are usually on the high-end scale of prices, a tour bus in specific takes the lead, due to be considered more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing compared to normal RVs which usually have basic designs that some people may consider boring. When it comes to fuel costs, they are also the least efficient, since tour buses are heavier and bigger it will need more power, so keep it in mind if you are on a medium budget because it will spend more regardless of your distance


Without a doubt tour buses win when it comes to space and handling bigger groups, they can fit up to 10 people thanks to their size. They have many slide outs which makes them have even more room. Some of them even have space for really big beds like king-size, 2 bathrooms and full appliances like kitchen or laundry area. There is also a big storage area under the bus for everyone’s luggage so it doesn’t block any precious space in the common living areas.


Due to its big size and long models, tour buses have a lot of disadvantages in this category compared to the other RVs. It’s more difficult to maneuver than a regular motorhome and can most of the time be only driven on paved roads, which is not convenient if you are planning on going to a campsite with a lot of gravel or dirt. Or imagine if you decide to go to the store, from where you are camping, you would have to take the whole bus with you as well!

After reviewing these differences, we can deduce that tour buses are good if you plan to have a really long trip with a big group because you will have all the commodities, but it will also depend on where you are going. If not, maybe a regular RV is a better option for you.


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