Choosing a Home: RV vs Tiny House

Mobile Homes: RV vs Tiny House
Mobile Homes: RV vs Tiny House

Recreational Vehicle (RV) vs. Tiny House

When it comes to finding your dream house there are a lot of factors we need to take into consideration. If you are looking at a low budget the best thing is a small house, where everything we need is in hand. A home doesn’t need to be a big house. It has to be a place where everyone feels that peace and tranquility when they arrive home. So how cozy your home is will depend on how it has been decorated and if it is small then it is easier to get to a point where it is desirable to be there and enjoy it.

Having said this, there are different options for having a typical small house, like a tiny house or having an RV as a house. While with an RV you still have some commodities, we think a tiny house can be a better option for a house. Since it looks like one and can be customized to the owner’s preferences as much as they want.

As time passes by, RVs and tiny houses are becoming more popular and it’s easier to get a hold on one for a really good price in the real estate market. Many users with zero experience think that using mobile homes means having no comfort at all but this is not the case. We will talk about tiny houses in this article and some characteristics, as well as some advantages and disadvantages.

A tiny house has enough systems to sustain itself, which makes it efficient and it has its own autonomy, they can measure between 7 to 37 square meters, it depends on the model that you acquire. And with the Tiny House Movement, it has become a popular trend and more and more countries.

Some of the reasons why people choose these types of houses are:

  • They are trying to opt for a more nomad and minimalistic way of living, with an ecological touch. A house like this has less ecological repercussions in our environment.
  • They are cheaper and a good choice for couples or newlyweds who are trying to live with basic services and fundamental objects.
  • It’s easier to clean and organize because of its small size. In a tiny, we only have to look for a tendency to have the practical and useful thing remembering the popular saying: “less is more”.

Although there aren’t really many disadvantages it really depends on the mindset of the owner if they don’t adapt to it eventually. The feeling of not having a home attached to the ground can have an impact, whether it’s a tiny house or an RV. So, it’s something you need to be prepared for.

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