Differences between general RVs and Caravans

Differences between general RVs and Caravans
Differences between general RVs and Caravans

Recreational Vehicle vs. Caravan

When the holidays are approaching, many people start to get overwhelmed with things like what to put in the suitcase, how not to spend more money with their luggage and what’s allowed by the airlines, how to move around or stay at their destination carrying all their stuff. Surely, you have seen been yourself in situations like these on more than one occasion and you may have solved them with more or less success.

However, there are other types of travelers who take life, and holidays, in a different way. We are talking about those who opt for Recreational vehicles as a way of traveling. Some call it “Traveling with your house on your back”, with all the advantages and comforts that this can bring to travelers. In addition, you can make yourself comfortable during the journey, as long as you are not the driver, of course.

Today we will focus on caravans and what makes them stand out from the rest of the RVs.

Another advantage of a caravan style vehicle is that the whole family can travel together and live together at the same time. It will be a great way to spend more time with your kids and family. Plus, the feeling of having a new home for some days or weeks will make them feel like they’re living in some kind of alternative and exciting nomadism with fun adventures.

What is the main difference between a caravan and the rest of RVs vehicles? You need to know this before deciding to get one so you are sure which one suits your needs the best. A caravan doesn’t have a motor integrated so it needs to be attached and dragged by another vehicle, while the rest of the RVs have an integrated motor in it.

On the other hand, caravans cannot be parked freely in any street or public place, but you will have to go to a campsite to spend the night there legally. On the other hand, motorhomes and other RVs, being vehicles, can be parked on the street, although in this case, for reasons such as being able to connect them to electricity or to the water and waste disposal services, it would also be advisable to opt for a campsite.

Since caravans do not include a motor vehicle, they are usually more accessible and cheaper. There are also many second-hand caravans in good condition, as they do not suffer as much wear as the other types of RVs with a motor. You may be able to find a luxurious caravan for the same price as a “mediocre” motorhome.

Traveling in a caravan gives you freedom of movement and action that is difficult to match. If you want to stop in the middle of the mountain to enjoy a sunrise, you can do it with total comfort. Also, if you want to take a route through all the beaches and to stop in different towns, without problems. Besides, you won’t have to worry about reserving hotels for the places you go, because you will already take your comfortable house with you.


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