3 Ways To Fix RV Radio And Cigarette Lighter Not Working

rv radio and cigarette lighter not working
rv radio and cigarette lighter not working

Going out on camping trips can be quite fun. While most people go out during their vacations. Enthusiasts usually decide to go out on a trip at least once a month.

Aside from this, they also decide to stay on their trips for a much longer time than most people. Although, when it comes to this, the campers must bring the best possible equipment with them.

These cannot be stored in regular cars which is why they purchase RVs instead. These vehicles have tons of other features as well although one of the most used things is the radio and cigarette lighter.

These can be used to listen to news or light fire but sometimes the equipment can run into problems. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a few troubleshooting steps in case your RV radio and cigarette lighter are not working.

How to Fix RV Radio And Cigarette Lighter Not Working?

  1. Check for Any Obstructions

The first thing that you should check when you notice that your RV radio and cigarette lighter are not working are the connections on both the equipment. With time these can start to get loose and dust will start gathering on the insides.

This obstructs the connection and will eventually stop the devices from working. Considering this, you must take off both your radio and cigarette lighter first and clean the insides.

Take out all the dust thoroughly and try connecting the equipment back in. Make sure that the connections are tightly installed and hopefully your devices should now start working again.

  1. Broken Wirings

You should also check the wires on your equipment for any damages. If you do notice any then check if this can be fixed.

Small cuts can be covered with tape to fix the connection. However, if the wires have been completely cut off then you might have to replace them.

If you are not sure how this can be done then you can take your equipment to a repairing center.

As for the cigarette lighter, you should also check for any blown fuses and replace them to fix your issue. Keep in mind that the fuse you purchase should support the values your previous one had.

  1. Faulty Equipment

Sometimes the problem can be that the devices have completely broken or fried out. If both of these stopped working at the same time then there might have been a power surge from the backend.

Check the connections using a voltmeter to confirm this. You can try fixing the wires to balance out the current coming to your device.

Although, if these are still not working then there is a high chance that your equipment has become defective. Replacing their boards will cost the same as purchasing a new set of radio and cigarette lighter.

Considering this, it might be a better option to just upgrade both of these devices to a newer model. This should also provide you with new features that can be used.

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