Can You Keep RV Marker Lights On While Parked?

rv marker lights on while parked
rv marker lights on while parked

Camping enthusiasts are likely to go out on a trip at least once a month. Additionally, they stay on their trips for a much longer time than usual people. This is why having a recreational vehicle or motorhome is the best option for them. These vehicles come with a bed to sleep in.

Kitchen to cook food for yourself in and finally a bathroom as well. These make you feel like you are traveling in your home. Though, many companies manufacture these vehicles which can make the choice difficult for some users. Even the features on these can be different depending on the models.

RV Marker Lights

Though, if the user already owns an RV then they should know how important it is to keep it maintained. Aside from the engine and batteries on your vehicle, there are tons of other parts that require a regular check as well. The lights on your RVs are one of this equipment.

The user has to ensure that the marker lights on their vehicle are working at all times. This is because these alarm other people on the road about your vehicle in the dark. Without these lights, it can be quite difficult for users to see that an RV is also driving on the road. These small lights lit up your entire vehicle making it visible to people even at a distance.

RV Marker Lights on While Parked

Talking about this, people sometimes wonder if they can keep these marker lights on their RV switched on even while it is parked. The short answer for this is β€˜yes’. Many people have these set to stay switched on even when they have their RV parked.

This is because the lights alarm other people that the vehicle is in use and has not been left unattended. Aside from this, if you had parked your RV in a dark area, then it will be visible to other people as well.

Now getting to how you can do this, one simple way that most people do this is by keeping their vehicle switched on.

If you turn off the vehicle then the alarm on it will go off after every few hours to indicate that the battery is being consumed. This can be quite annoying and people have to start up their vehicle and then switch it off again.

Considering this, if you do not have any problems regarding the batteries in your vehicle dying out then you can simply switch off the alarm.

This will let you keep the marker lights running even when your vehicle is parked. However, for people who do not want to switch off their alarm. They can remove the wirings for these lights from their bumper.

Then connect this into your standard pin brake connection. This will let the lights stay on as long as your vehicle is in parking.

Though, you will have to purchase a small adapter for this which will let you route the wires. Many adapters allow you to plug them into a 7-pin brake adapter. This is why you can easily purchase them either online or from an electrical store nearby you.

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