RV Kitchen Sink Not Working? Try These 3 Fixes Now!

rv kitchen sink not working
rv kitchen sink not working

People all around the world plan camping trips with their family and friends. These can be a lot of fun and you also get to explore new areas. Although, you will notice that some enthusiasts want to go out on these trips much more frequently. When it comes to them, you will notice that they have to carry a lot of equipment with them. Carrying this is not possible on smaller vehicles which is why people get motorhomes and RVs instead.

These vehicles come with numerous features including the ability to use electrical appliances as well as having lots of rooms. But there are also some issues that you will hear people complaining about. Talking about this, one problem that users have been reporting is that the kitchen sink on their RV is not working. We will be using this article to provide you with a few ways that can be used to fix this.

RV Kitchen Sink Not Working

1. Check for Leakages

The first thing that you should do if you notice that your water tank is not working is check for leakages. While this is quite common, you should note that getting a leakage on your RV can be quite dangerous. The water pouring out can damage your walls as well as the frame of your vehicle. The user will then have to get all of this replaced.

Considering this, it is recommended that you check the pipelines carefully to ensure there are no leakages in them. If you do notice any then you can simply fix them using fittings. Many brands have come up with push fittings that will install without any solder or glue. These can be amazing as they save you lots of time and can be used in case of emergencies.

2. Check Water Pump

If there are no leakages in your pipelines then you can move on to checking the water pump instead. Usually, not getting water in your RV indicates that the water tank on it is not filled up. But if you have already filled up your water tank then there is a chance that your pump is not switched on.

This device is responsible for pushing out water from the tank to the rest of your RV. Make sure that it is switched on and working perfectly. Sometimes the wires for the pump can come off which causes problems like these.

3. Clean Sink Properly

Finally, if you are still getting the same issue and you have confirmed that water is flowing directly to the sink. Then there is a high chance that your sink is clogged with something. In most cases, particles of rust can start to gather up inside the tap which will then cut off its connection.

Luckily, you can easily remove this by removing your taps and then cleaning them. Alternatively, you can pour a solution into your pipeline that will remove all this rust. Keep in mind that you will have to clean up the water tank before accessing the water again if you have used a cleaner.

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