RV GPS Comparison: Garmin 770 LMT-S vs 760LMT 

RV GPS Comparison: Garmin 770 LMT-S vs 760LMT 
RV GPS Comparison: Garmin 770 LMT-S vs 760LMT 

Garmin RV 770 LMT-S vs. RV 760LMT

When we are about to make a journey, especially one with long distances, it is advisable to first of all, carry out a study of the different routes and paths that we might encounter. All experienced RV drivers know how vital and important this is so they are not faced with surprises that may ruin the trip or make unnecessary changes in the routes.

Previously, this demanded to buy the Maps and cartographies corresponding to each chosen destination, while today the arrival of the digital age has solved quite a bit of this problem, leaving aside the printed papers and entering the world of GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System.

This system offers a very high precision, having been originally commissioned by DARPA , an office dependent on the U.S. Department of Defense, which allows each of these devices to connect to more than 24 satellites that are floating over earth’s orbit and provide support and operation to all GPS, working in perfect synchronicity to have coverage of the entire planet.

Having explained what a GPS is, it’s time to look into some great options for Knowledgeable RV Drivers and lovers. Today we will compare 2 models from the brand Garmin, the Models RV 77 and the Model RV 760 and go through some differences between the 2 of them.

Price: For some people, the price is sometimes the most important thing they look at before they even consider checking out a product and buying it. In this case, this could be a big factor because the RV 770 is $299 USD while the RV 760 is $399, which is a $100 USD difference!

Screen: The display resolution of the RV 770 is 1024 x 600 pixels with a 6.0” in Wide x 3.5” in Height multi-touch, glass, WSVGA color TFT with white backlight screen, while the resolution for the RV 760 is 800 x 480 pixels with a 6.1” in Wide x 3.4” in Height Color TFT with white backlight screen.

Battery and weight: Both models have rechargeable lithium-ion battery although one (RV 760) lasts ½ hour more than the other. Regarding weight, the 760 is considerably more heavy standing at 12.4 ounces than the 770 with 8.57 oz.

Safety warnings: A very important integration the RV 770 has that the RV 760 doesn’t have is that it includes an innovative system for safety warnings and road alerts. Let’s say your route has many tricky spots, like bridges, areas with weight limits, or multiple descents or ascents, you can rely on the GPS to be prepared so it’s no surprise when there is a sudden elevation. The other type of alert is regarding specific zones like animal or road crossings. The only one that also shares with the RV 760 is the school zones.

Directories: In this category, both models share the same characteristics. Both of them feature a directory of almost 20k campsites in the United States and Canada. This goes from public parks to private areas. On this search, you can choose filters and search for one that applies to you depending on your needs. For example Wi-fi, pet-friendly, convenience store nearby, power outlets available, etc. Inside the directories, you can also find over 14k service locations in case your RV needs a hand like towing businesses in the area, repairs, tire shops, etc.

Review website option: Another interesting feature the RV 770 has that the RV 760 doesn’t, is the navigation option based on TripAdvisor and Foursquare. These two are booking and review websites that can be extremely helpful for any person traveling to a completely new place. You can base your opinions on the reviews you read and decide whether to go to that place or not. We are talking about hotels, attractions or restaurants. This is a great option to save some time and sometimes even money on a place that might not be even worth to visit.

Wi-Fi and updates: The RV 770 model has built-in WIFI so you don’t have to worry about too much when you are on the road or when you need an update on the maps. You don’t need a computer either! How great is that? And opposed to the 760 it has a USB port that can always come in handy.

Hands-free: This is another option both models share and an important one.  When you are on the road, paying attention is essential and getting distracted with a phone can result in a ticket or worse, an accident! Luckily there is an integrated feature that allows you to make hands-free phone calls, text messages or reminders without using your hands so you can keep them in the wheel. Simply synchronize your smartphone through Bluetooth so it can easily connect and you make use of this great feature!

Cameras: Both models have the option of having installed a wireless backup camera, which allows you to see everything while you are in reverse, call it pedestrians, other vehicles or structures that can block you. The cameras for each model are different, the 770 uses the BC™ 30 while the 760 uses the BC™ 20 which sadly has been discontinued, so it’s something to keep in mind if you decide to go for the 760, although there are other options.

After going through all these categories comparing both the RV 770 LMT-S vs RV 760LMT we could all agree that the RV 770 has more technological features and offers more options for drivers, while the RV 760 is still a really good option seems a bit outdated although still reliable, it’s up to you which one is suitable for you, and mare sure to check reviews as well so you listen to first hand from the experience of users.


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