3 Ways To Fix RV GFCI Outlets Not Working

rv gfci outlets not working
rv gfci outlets not working

The GFCI outlets are installed for safety purposes in your motorhome. These outlets monitor the current flow and interrupt the circuit whenever there is a shock hazard detected.

Usually, these outlets are used in places where the outlet can have exposure to water. The overall installation procedure is not that different from a standard outlet and you can find some great video guides on how to install GFCI outlets.

Several RV owners have mentioned that they are not getting any power from the GFCI outlets in their motorhomes. If you’re also experiencing issues with RV GFCI outlets then try implementing these methods.

How to Fix RV GFCI Outlets Not Working?

  1. Check Breakers and Fuse

To start, you will need to inspect the breaker box to see if any of the breakers have been tripped. It may be that due to a power surge, the breakers connected to your GFCI outlet got tripped.

If that is the case, then you will have to flip the breakers back to get everything working again. Most of the outlets in your RV are connected in series with your GFCI outlet.

That means if your main GFCI outlet gives out then you won’t have any power in other outlets as well. Most of the time, it is because of a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. So, start by checking these two things to quickly fix the GFCI outlet issue in your motorhome.

  1. Check Output from Source

If all the breakers are on and you have also checked the main GFCI outlet then you should check the power source for the outlets in your motorhome. With the help of a multimeter or a voltage tester, you should check the output from the generator or any other power source connected to the outlet.

Sometimes, the breaker on the side of your generator can also trip, which will cause you similar issues with your GFCI outlet. So, you will need to verify the power output from the source to isolate the problem with your GFCI outlet. Also, try removing any device from the outlet that might put excessive load on the outlet.

  1. Check Wiring

After verifying the output from the generator, you should check the integrity of the wires connected to the GFCI outlet. Even if your generator is working properly, the outlet won’t work if the wires connected to the outlet are faulty. Luckily, you can use a voltage tester to find the faulty wires.

You can buy this device from any local hardware store. The voltage tester is inexpensive and It will help you a lot in the future if you ever run into similar issues again.

Then you can just use this device to check the wiring and replace the faulty wires. That should get your GFCI outlet working again if it is not defective.

Depending upon the usage, the GFCI outlet can also go bad after a few years of use. So, if you have never replaced this outlet before, then now might be a good time to get a new GFCI outlet. Make sure to also check the devices connected to these outlets for potential issues.

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