Rush Toy Hauler Reviews: Are They Worth Getting?

rush toy hauler reviews
rush toy hauler reviews

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their family and friends. Although, these trips are short and are usually planned during vacations. However, when it comes to enthusiasts, these users make much longer trips and travel frequently. This is why they purchase large vehicles like RVs and motorhomes to help them out.

People who already have a truck or car with a powerful engine might not want to purchase another large vehicle with lots of power. Talking about this, the best option for them is getting a trailer instead. Although, if you are interested in purchasing these then you must do proper research first. This will help you in getting a vehicle that will best suit your use.

Rush Toy Hauler Reviews

The first thing to consider when purchasing a trailer is what you want to carry in it. The number of people you want to travel with and the equipment you want to take with you will help you out a lot in selecting a good vehicle. Some people want to take their bikes or ATVs with themselves on their trips.

However, they also want to have a place to rest in. Considering this, getting a hauler is one of the best options that you can go for. Many companies manufacture these vehicles but one of the most recommended ones is Rush Toy Hauler.

If you were already looking for a trailer then there is a high chance that you have already come across this brand. The company manufacturing this vehicle is known as Sunset Park RV. They have a website that you can visit. This contains all the information required about their products.

Additionally, there is also a customer support service that can be contacted. You can make a call or email them to ask any queries in your mind. The team will then try their best to answer your questions. You can also use the button labeled as finding a dealer on the website.

This will ask for your current location and then inform you about all the dealers that have this hauler available at them. The process takes a few seconds and helps you in finding areas where you can check the vehicle yourself. Overall, the hauler is extremely durable and comes with furniture already installed in it.

These are all folded into the wall allowing you to easily park your ATV or bike inside the hauler. You can then extend the furniture once you take out your toys from the hauler. Aside from this, the vehicle also comes with a bathroom. There are a few variants that you can select between which will determine the size of your vehicle.

The larger the model, the more beds and furniture you will get. However, the main issue here is that the weight of your hauler will also increase. This is why make sure that you consider how much load you will be carrying on your vehicle. Sometimes the engine in your truck or car might not be able to pull all this weight.

Moving on with our Rush Toy Hauler reviews, getting a good sway and tow bar is also essential. These will ensure that your vehicle does not get damaged while you are traveling. Moreover, the driving experience will be much better if you have reliable sway controlling equipment installed.

While the company has not received any complaints from their users. You should note that there is still a chance that you might run into some problem. This is why it is essential that you properly keep your Rush Toy Hauler maintained.

This includes cleaning its interior, keeping a check over the seals, and also the air in your tires. The price for these vehicles is quite low when you compare them to similar vehicles from other brands. Keeping all of this in mind, purchasing this Rush Toy hauler will be a great choice for you. Although, if you are still hesitant then checking out similar vehicles from other companies is a great option.

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  1. About 4 years ago we did an audit of a Rush Toy Hauler. The unit we tested had so many quality issues that we decided not to publish the results. Instead we just suggested potential buyers consider other units.


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