3 Common Roadmaster Even Brake Problems (Troubleshooting)

roadmaster even brake problems
roadmaster even brake problems

When going out on camping trips with your friends and family, one of the most common issues that people get is having limited storage. This is why users prefer having a trailer or motorhome that they can take with them instead.

Towing on a trailer can be much more feasible than purchasing an entire vehicle for your camping trips for some people.

Though, people can have trouble trying to handle their vehicles. This is where the Roadmaster Even Brake comes in. This allows your towed trailer to stop at the same time as your vehicle making the driving experience much smoother.

However, recently people have been complaining that their Roadmaster Even Brake is running into problems. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a few steps that should help in fixing this.

Roadmaster Even Brake Problems

  1. Positioning Issues

One of the most essential things to consider when you buy the Roadmaster Even Brake is its installation process. If you are having any problems with the device then the first thing to check is if you had installed it correctly.

The positioning for your device plays a huge role in how it will work for you. You can start by checking if the connection is tight.

If there are any obstructions between the system then you can add extensions to make the connection better. People even suggest that you use pliers to bend the tabs for your device to help the clamps fit properly.

If these are still having trouble then there might be issues with your trailer supporting the device. In this case, you can contact Roadmaster and ask them to help you out with the process.

  1. Brake Pressure Setting

When driving around your vehicle, if the user notices that their towed trailer is not slowing down at the same rate. Then there might be a problem with the brake pressure setting on your Roadmaster device.

The company provides its users with tons of configuration files to change the sensitivity of their brakes. You can either lower them down or increase them to help you in fixing the problem.

Try changing around the settings a little and then try driving your vehicle again. The user can keep switching between different settings until they find the most optimal ones for themselves.

Though, you can also check online to find some settings that people have recommended. Just make sure that you enter the sensitivity according to the weight of your trailer and vehicle.

  1. Electrical Errors

Finally, if you notice that the device has stopped functioning completely. Then the most likely reason for this is that your system is running into some electrical errors. Usually, the fuse in your Even Brake device can die out which will then prevent the system from starting up.

This is installed to prevent your device from burning out in case of any electrical surges. You can simply replace the fuse with a new one to fix your issue and start using your system again.

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  1. When I plug in the unit the compressor pumps and holds the air with no leaks. My test light keeps flashing green then red. If I push the test button the air releases and it shuts off.
    Do you have any suggestions to get it working again?
    Thank you.


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