Should You Be Replacing RV Toilet With House Toilet? (Answered)

replacing rv toilet with house toilet
replacing rv toilet with house toilet

People who love adventure or going out for trips, sometimes keep a trailer or RV with them. These make it easy for them to travel around while also having a place to sleep. Additionally, they can easily cook in their RV’s and have a source of electricity with themselves. This ensures that they can charge their mobile phones and other electric appliances such as refrigerators can be used to keep them at comfort.

One other great benefit of keeping a trailer with yourself while going out for trips is that the user can easily have access to a washroom and a steady supply of water. Considering this, some people might wonder about replacing the toilet in their RV with a house toilet. You might question why one would feel the need to do so. For this, you should know the differences between an RV and a house toilet.

Replacing RV Toilet With House Toilet

Differences Between House Toilet and RV Toilet

There are quite a number of facts that make these items different and unique. Some of these reasons may convince you to replace your RV toilet with your House toilet.

  • RV toilets are designed to use a little amount of water while flushing out your waste. Whereas the regular toilet at your homes demands a heavy flow of water.
  • RV toilets are usually made smaller in size because RV’s are designed to space-efficient. While the regular toiler is quite large when compared to it.
  • RV toilets use rubber seals to keep themselves from leaking out. In comparison, the seal used in regular toilets is made from wax.
  • Lastly, the RV toilet uses a black water tank and sits on top of it. This demands only a low amount of water to empty it but the regular toilet is made to use a drain pipe. This needs quite a lot of water to move your wastes out of the system.

However, the black tank used in the RV toilet needs to be cleaned which makes it quite a hassle. That is because it is hard to clean and can get clogged sometimes. Additionally, the odor from the black tank can be a lot of problem for some people this is why they opt for switching out their RV triolets with regular home toilets.

Is It Possible to Replace A RV Toilet with A House Toilet?

After looking at the facts some people might want to switch out their toilets, but the question that comes to their minds is that is even possible. The short and simple answer for this is yes. It is possible for someone to replace the toilet in their RV with one which is designed to be used at their home.

Although, what you might need to look out for is that you find the best spot to place it in. Additionally, if you have enough space and feel comfortable to do so. Finally, keep in mind that you will have to move any other objects from a 10-inch diameter frame of your toilet. This is to ensure that there is no problem when flushing it.

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