Can You Remove Armrest From Captain Chair?

remove armrest from captain chair
remove armrest from captain chair

Going out for a hiking or camping trip in your free time can be a lot of fun. This lets you enjoy the wildlife while also getting to spend time with your friends and family.

While recreational vehicles and motorhomes are the best solutions for these trips. You should note that the driving seat of your vehicle should also be comfortable just like the rest of the seating in it.

This is why people decide to install a custom Captain Chair in their vehicles. Alternatively, they decide to modify them to ensure that the driver can feel relaxed throughout their trip.

There are tons of chairs that the company manufactures and you can easily take a look at them online. This should allow you to find one that best suits your needs.

Remove Armrest From Captain Chair

Most Captain Chair seats manufactured by the brand come with an armrest installed on them. While these are usually made to ensure that the user has a relaxed time when driving.

Some people have complained that these annoy them instead. This can be due to several reasons including that the armrest gets in their way when trying to steer the vehicle. Considering this, people wonder how they can remove the armrest from their Captain Chair.

Before you start with this, keep in mind that different models of chairs have different designs used for them. Not every Captain Chair will have the same procedure to remove your armrest.

Aside from this, most of the newer models that have come out from the brand allow the user to put down their armrest. This will then be kept out of your reach and you can pull it back when needed. Though, if this is still getting in your way then you can check the main connection for the armrest.

This should usually have a small bolt in it that should be holding down the armrest to the seat. Taking this off will allow you to remove the armrest easily. If you are getting cramped in your vehicle then pull your seat towards the dashboard.

Then open your front door and then access the armrest. Alternatively, people can even take out their entire chair to access the armrest.

Though, this step is better for you if the simple bolt removal does not work out. This is because if the connection between your armrest and chair is fixed then the only way to take it off is by cutting it.

You can use a saw for this but keep in mind that the seat will look bad afterward. Additionally, keep in mind that if the user is having trouble trying to find the connection between their armrest.

Then they can also try consulting the manual provided by Captain Chair. This should contain all the information required to take apart the different parts and also include the location for all of your connections.

One way around all this is to install a new seat in your vehicle, one which fits perfectly to your usage.

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