Reese Goose Box Review 2022- Should You Go For It?

reese goose box review
reese goose box review

Reese is the go-to brand for all truckers and those who are using RVs or trailers for camping for all sorts of other applications. You might be using a truck, or some RV, might be a van but you will be needing appropriate equipment and spare parts on the vehicle to get it going perfectly.

All that is covered by Reese and they are covering breakaways, trailer hitches, ball mounts, hitch balls, hitch accessories, brake controllers, gooseneck hitches, trailer accessories.

Reese is making some of the best Gooseneck RV Couplers that you can use for getting the RV hitched with a trailer and drag them along the journey. These goose boxes are the best thing that you have the chance of getting your hands at.

Reese is simply the perfect brand for you to go for if you are looking for durability and good quality products. These gooseneck RV couplers are simply great, and if you are looking to choose them for your trailer, here are a few things that you need to know about them.

Reese Goose Box Review

Towing strength

Reese goose boxes are the perfect thing that you can get for hitching the trailer. They come with 20k and 16k rated with the towing capacity. This allows you to know what weight load that you can attach to the trailer with your main vehicle.

This way, you are going to make sure that you are not getting compromised on the towing strength and that you can carry the right weight on the trailer that you are looking to attach.

It has the capacity of 20,000 LBS for good and you will not have any sort of problems carrying that weight on this Reese Goose Box. With this gooseneck, the towing strength is perfect and it has been tested extensively under tough situations and circumstances.


State-of-the-art technology is being used for the manufacturing and designing of this goose box and that allows a smooth and comfortable ride for you. The 5th Airborne technology is used for a superb riding experience. That ensures comfort, stability, and the bulldog gooseneck coupler technology with the traditional kingpin styling.

The best thing that you are getting on these goosenecks is an airbag, some dual shocks, and rubber bumpers providing the directional shock absorption for a smoother driving experience. This can absorb all the bumps and vibration on the road and that will make sure that the driver is comfortable and soothing, no matter how much weight you are towing.


There are multiple safety features on the gooseneck from Reese that allow you to have a safer experience with the hitch. They have an air pressure relief valve that prevents overfilling of the airbags and that way you can ensure that there are no errors of that sort that might be causing you to have problems while you are on the road.

Safety is the last thing that you would like to compromise on with the gooseneck as can never afford to have your gooseneck damaged while you are on the road with such huge size and weight of the luggage.


Reese tests all their products extensively and makes sure that independent organizations and labs test their products for durability, quality, and rigidness. These products are tested under extreme pressure and only those materials and products are available for the purchase that can pass these tests and are proven to be durable under extreme stress.

That is why durability should be the least of your concerns if you are using Reese equipment for hitching your trailer to your truck or your RV and are looking to make it work perfectly.

Moving forward, they are also offering a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty includes some of the parts that might have a chance of getting worse. That is why you can have a certainty that you will be getting the best edge of hitching on the trailer.


Well, the cost is always a concern and that is why Reese is the perfect thing for you to have. They are offering some good market competing prices and with all that towing capacity that you get on these hitches, you are going to have the right worth for your money.

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