Reese Dual Cam vs Equalizer: What’s The Difference?

reese dual cam vs equalizer
reese dual cam vs equalizer

If you enjoy going out for long trips then one of the best options for you will be purchasing a motorhome or recreational vehicle. However, there are also many downsides to these vehicles. You need a lot of space in your garage to keep them covered.

Additionally, a lot of maintenance is required for these vehicles even when you are keeping them stored up. These are so that you do not run into any problems with them in the future.

An alternative for these is to get a trailer for yourself. These require no maintenance and should last you a much longer time. However, you should note that good swaying control equipment is needed for them.

Many companies manufacture these products but two of the best ones are Reese and their Dual Cam as well as Equalizer. We will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between both of these so that it can be easier for you to select one.

Reese Dual Cam vs Equalizer

Reese Dual Cam

The Reese Dual Cam is an excellent option to go for if there is any sway problem on your vehicle. You can easily install them on your trailer by following the procedure.

It should take you a few hours and if you are confused then you should get them installed by the company. This piece of equipment will then keep your trailer stable on the road and remove any sway that was on it before this.

The best thing about using this device over others is that it uses a dual control system. On the other hand, most companies that provide people with sway control devices only use a single system.

This shows how much better the system manufactured by Reese is. Another great thing about this product is the list of features that it provides. The sway control device can be installed on most trailers that support the Class 3 and 4 hitches.

Although, this is exactly why you must check the hitching system on your trailer beforehand. If the device is not supported by it then there is no alternative way to install it. Even if you do manage to plug it on, it can come off quite easily which can be dangerous.

Aside from this, you should also look into the frame of your trailer. This includes checking the width of your trailer as well as the overall dimensions on it. Keeping all of these checked will help you in preventing most issues in the future.


Equalizer is another famous company that provides its users with a hitch system that is made specifically to avoid any sway on your trailer. The company only manufactures one device that you can purchase from them.

Although, it should be enough for most trailers. You can either purchase the system separately or get a kit from them. The kit includes additional accessories which make it easy to install your device and then keep it maintained.

Another great thing about the kit is that it comes with a bag of pins and clips that you can use. These contain all the different types of equipment required for different vehicles. Which takes out the hassle of having to manually check for compatibility problems.

However, the only downside of choosing this over the separate version or Reese Dual Cam is that it will cost you a lot. Another great thing about this product is that you are provided with a shank. This allows you to distribute the weight of your trailer according to the items you are keeping in it.

This comes in useful because you can change the distribution of weight whenever you want. You can even test between different weight ranges to see which one reduces the most sway from your trailer.  The company also provides its users with a support service that can be contacted.

This will help you in finding the best package for your vehicle and they should also be able to help you in installing it. The website for Equalizer also contains information about a list of dealers nearby you that have this product available. This makes it easy to purchase it and even test it out for yourself.

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