Pulsar PG2000IS vs Honda: What’s The Difference?

pulsar pg2000is vs honda
pulsar pg2000is vs honda

You need to bring along a lot of things if you want to make the most out of your camping experience. Even though people go on camping trips to get away from all the tech-related hassle.

You still need to bring some essentials that would help you enjoy time with your peers. Among other things, an electricity generator will help you a lot in keeping your device powered up when you’re away on a trip.

But deciding on which one to buy can be very hard, so if you don’t know much about portable generators then read through this article as we will be going over different features of Pulsar PG2000iS and Honda portable generators.

Pulsar PG2000IS vs Honda

Pulsar PG2000iS

It is a compact electricity generator that you can bring along on your camping trips. The design is quite futuristic and people usually prefer to buy this generator because of how classy it looks. But that’s not the only thing you should take into consideration while spending your money.

This generator provides you with reliable power as long as you’re supplying the generator with sufficient fuel. We all know how annoying it can be when you’re relying on your device and they break down on you at the last moment. Moreover, you can’t even go back to get a replacement as you’re so far away from the city.

That is why pulsar ensures that their products don’t malfunction and you can keep enjoying your camping trip. It can pump up to 2000 watts under load but will stay at 1600 watts during the regular run time. Keeping this in mind you can adjust the load accordingly. Overloading the generator will only lead to more issues down the road. So, if you’re planning on connecting a heavier load then you should look towards a more powerful variant of a portable generator.

Another great aspect of this generator is the sound of the generator running in the background. Even though it is around the same level when compared with a Honda generator, some users have reported that the Honda generator is a few decibels quieter than Pulsar. But the difference is not significant enough for users to switch from Pulsar to Honda. Overall, it is a great generator and worth every penny that you spend on this system. The efficiency is also optimal and you won’t have to waste a lot of fuel to run this generator.


Honda is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to machinery like generators. The customer response is off the charts. Everyone just knows that whatever product they buy from Honda, they will be getting bank on the buck. But the design is not attractive enough for users to switch from the pulsar to Honda. But if you don’t care about the design then by all means go for the Honda portable generator.

The basic functionality is quite similar and you’ll be getting the same number of watts out of your generator. The only thing that makes people buy Honda is that it is a little bit quieter when you compare it with a pulsar. It can be quite frustrating if you keep hearing the generator buzzing in the background. Honda takes this issue very seriously and has made a lot of efforts in minimizing the noise pollution created by the generator.

The power output is stable enough for you to hook up your mobile devices or PC to the generator and they will work properly. That way none of your devices will get damaged after powering them on using your portable generator. The efficiency is also great and you can run it for a long period while only burning through one gallon of fuel. Depending upon the load and the model of your generator, the efficiency may vary to a great extent.

Both of these generators are extremely great and you can choose either one of them depending upon which one you like more. The basic functions are quite similar and you can choose the one that looks better to you. Even the difference in specifications is not so significant to force customers into switching to the other brand of portable generators.

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