Prodigy RF Brake Controller Review 2022

prodigy rf brake controller review
prodigy rf brake controller review

Camping is enjoyed by people all around the world. Considering this, you might sometimes want to go out with these with your family or friends.

While this will be fun, it can be hard to find a place for all the storage. This is why people connect trailers with their vehicles. These help in providing an area to store up all your equipment.

While these might be great to have, you will notice that it can be hard to stop your vehicle while trailers are attached. This is because the weight of these can prove to be difficult to stop in time.

This is why companies have now come up with brake controllers. These can help your trailer deaccelerate with the vehicle when you apply the brakes.

Prodigy RF Brake Controller Review

Tekonsha is a company that is known for manufacturing braking controllers for trailers. One of the best models from them is their Prodigy RF brake controller. The best thing about this controller is that it can be attached to most trailers with up to a total of 3 axles.

This takes out the worry of having to check if your trailer is supported or not. Additionally, you can even take this controller whenever you want and install it on another trailer.

After purchasing this product, you will be given several items. One of these is the remote hand-held unit. This has a display built on it which will display all the information that you require.

A continuous diagnostic is run on this device, which will show any error or fault code coming from the device. This should help you in resolving the problem before it causes any serious issue.

The Controller also has a boost feature in it which can be customized according to the user. You can set different levels of braking on this. The best thing about this hand-held unit is that it does not need any wires to be set up.

The user can connect it to the controller through wireless communications. The only requirement to run this is having a power cord attached to it. Keep in mind that 12 volts of stable power are needed to keep it running. If there are any fluctuations in it then your unit might fail to start.

The second thing that the user will receive is the power module that needs to be mounted on the trailer. You can install these at either the front of your trailer. Alternatively, you can also set it up on the tongue. The positions can be changed according to your preferences. This is why you should test it to find the location that suits your taste.


The installation process for this product is quite easy when you compare it to some other brake controllers. Although, if you still have any problems trying to install it on your vehicle and trailer, then you can consult the manual given with it. This contains a guide that you can easily follow around.

The company also has an online support service and helpline number. They should also be able to guide you on installing the controller. Users who don’t know about these kinds of stuff might still be unable to follow through with these.

In this case, you can take your vehicle to a workshop and then let a professional install this for you. Alternatively, you can contact the company to send in a person from their team. But you should know that this might not be available for everyone.


Aside from all of this, the best thing about this company is its warranty policy. You can claim it if your device runs into any problems. The company will either get it fixed for you, or they might even provide you with a free replacement.

This usually depends on the problem that you are getting as well as the condition of your equipment. The company provides a detailed list of policies for their warranty along with the device.

You should read it out if you are interested. The hand-held remote display that you receive usually has a warranty of 5 years. While the trailer mount has 15 years of warranty. The company claims that users will not get any problems with these devices before this.

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