Prodigy P2 vs P3: What’s The Difference?

prodigy p2 vs p3
prodigy p2 vs p3

People who want to take their family or friends with themselves on their camping trips should know how hard it is to handle all the luggage. You have to carefully think about the equipment you can take due to limited space.

Aside from this, staying at a location for a long period will be difficult. This is exactly why trailers are used, these allow people to attach a cart to their vehicle.

You can then store all your luggage in them and some of these even have beds and a kitchen in them. Though, when trying to drive around with a trailer attached, it is common to get some handling issues. This is where brake controllers come in.

We will be using this article to provide a comparison between two of the best ones that you can find on the market. These are the Prodigy P2 and P3 brake controllers.

Prodigy P2 vs P3

Prodigy P2

When driving around with a trailer towed onto your vehicle, if the user puts on their brakes then the trailer behind them can start to shake and become unstable.

To prevent this, people have to lightly press the brake pedal and ensure that they drive at a slow speed. The overall process for this makes it annoying to drive when going on a long trip.

The Prodigy P2 is an electric brake controller that you can install on the brakes of your towed vehicle. This will then control the system using the power being supplied to it and the brakes.

Using the controller allows the trailer to exert the same braking pressure on itself as your vehicle. This ensures that your entire vehicle along with the towing will stop at the same time.

Even when driving on the reverse gear, if the user decides to slam their brakes, the entire vehicle will stop at the same pressure. This takes out the worry of having to manually slow down the vehicle at a pace where the trailer does not get unbalanced.

The procedure to install the system is really simple and it comes with a bunch of connectors and bolts.

These are provided so that people can easily install the braking system on their vehicle without having to worry much about compatibility. However, this does not mean that you can simply purchase the product without even checking if your trailer can equip the system.

Some people might be able to use adapters on their vehicles which can allow them to install the braking controller without having support. You also have the option to adjust the braking levels that the system can execute.

These can either be increased or decreased. The option is for people who want to store up a lot of weight on their vehicles. So, it is better that you configure the settings according to your usage.

Prodigy P3

The Prodigy P3 is another great brake controller that functions in a similar way to the P2 model. The product is an upgraded version of the previous model and has been equipped with lots more features.

The best one out of them is its ability to be installed on both electrical braking systems and hydraulic ones.

The display on Prodigy P3 can be used to configure its files which you can test around and see which ones fit your needs. You can switch between the two braking functions whenever you want which gives you the option to test around them.

Though, changing between these settings can be a little complicated for people who do not know these brake controllers. This is why it is recommended that you only purchase it if you know how to control the system.

You can even consult the manual for help or call directly to the helpline. The company should be able to guide you through the procedure of both installing it and setting up the device.

Considering this, both the devices are amazing but in the end, it’s up to the user to decide which one they want. The Prodigy 2 is simple to install and you should not have much trouble using it. While the Prodigy can be a little tricky to use and is also quite expensive when compared to the prior.

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