3 Ways To Fix Powerwinch Problems

powerwinch problems
powerwinch problems

A Powerwinch can make it easier for campers to put up their roof or bring it down. Unlike before, you don’t have to crank it by hand and you can just press a button to activate the Powerwinch.

If your device is working properly then it will take care of everything and you won’t have to spend several minutes trying to crank the roof yourself.

However, it is very common for devices like these to malfunction from time to time. So, to help you make an informed decision, we will be listing some common Powerwinch problems along with basic troubleshooting methods to help you with the device.

How to Fix Powerwinch Problems?

  1. Operating Issues

A few customers have pointed out operating issues with the Powerwinch where it will not start working as you use the action button. Most of the time, operating issues in Powerwinch are related to a bad battery or corroded connections.

So, you will need to start by checking the power input to the Powerwinch to fix the operating issues.

You should always start by checking the connection points. If there is rust on these connection points then that is likely why your winch is not operating. You will need to clean the rust off of these connection points after removing the power.

Try using a metal brush to clean the corroded points and then connect the wires again. Hopefully, the winch will start operating at this stage.

Along with the connection points, you should also check the battery status. The winch won’t work properly if your battery is not charged properly. Check the wiring for possible damages and also go through the breaker to ensure that the winch has access to power.

You can use a multimeter to check the output from your power source. Make sure that the reading on the multimeter is according to the requirements of your Powerwinch model. Otherwise, you might need another power source for your device.

  1. Extension Issues

Several customers have also pointed out that sometimes the winch will not extend properly. Either it will go beyond the defined limit or in the other scenario, it won’t go high enough. Luckily, these issues can be fixed by calibrating your device and you will need to manage the limit switches in your device to fix this issue.

The function of these limit switches is to cut off the power to the motor and stop the winch. However, you need to calibrate these switches while installing the Powerwinch if you want your roof to extend or lower down properly.

There are complete instructions available in the owner’s manual regarding the calibration process.

You will need to adjust the switch plate and the locking bolt on your limit switches according to the type of issue you’re running into. Adjust the switch plate and put the locking bolt in the plate to check the calibration.

Keep making minor adjustments until the camper roof extends perfectly according to your standard. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about extension issues after calibrating the device.

  1. Motor Issues

It is a very serious issue and it can cost you hundreds of dollars to get the motor replaced in your Powerwinch. So, you will need to try every other troubleshooting step that you can find online to fix this problem. However, if you are sure that there are no issues with the power supply, and the connection points are clean then that will indicate that you have a defective motor.

If you have a valid warranty available then forward a claim by contacting your dealer. That way you can get a replacement without having to spend your money.

However, if there is no warranty then you can either try getting the motor repaired or having one made at an affordable price. There is still no guarantee that you won’t run into similar problems in the future if you fix the current motor.

So, a long-term solution would be to get a replacement motor and then install that in your Powerwinch. You can also try buying another model altogether if your budget allows.

Otherwise, you can get the motor fixed in your current device and the Powerwinch will start operating without further issues. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about the same problem again.

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