Polisher vs. Sander: Which Is Better For Your RV?

Polisher vs. Sander: Which Is Better For Your RV?
Polisher vs. Sander: Which Is Better For Your RV?

Polisher vs. Sander For RV

Taking care of the exterior is of great significance, it speaks volumes about ourselves, not to mention it’s like a second house for us, and who doesn’t want to take care of their home. One of the most visible damages is paint because as time passes a lot of factors will affect your RV’s paint; washing, weather conditions, ultraviolet radiation, pollution, acid rain or other factors that will gradually degrade the most superficial layer of the paint.

So, if the damage happens at one point is recommendable that partial paintwork is performed. Sometimes RV users do these quick fixes themselves with special tools such as polishers or sanders. Although they might look the same it is important to not confuse them and know the differences to know which one should be used for your RV. Next, we will mention some notable differences in the characteristics of these two different tools.


When it comes to correcting or removing paint from a vehicle, either totally or partially, polishing machines are the right tools. Not only do they eliminate damage and defects in the paint, such as scratches and eddies, but they also enhance the shine through the final finish. On the other hand, while sanders are not specific for their use of vehicles exclusively, they are still common. Normally, most sanding machines are adapted from wood sanding machines. Polishing an RV paintwork with an orbital sander can help make it look like new, but your decision will really depend on how much damage the paint has or how much you want to remove from it. These machines produce in their plate an eccentric movement that allows them to sand, polish or leave like new the painting of a car.

Speed and pattern

This is probably the biggest difference between the 2 of them, polishers tend to be way slower and meant for paint with less damage or thin layers, it’s meant to be slow to prevent potential burns on the edges and the swirl spin patterns are meant to make the effect more even without putting too much strength on a specific spot. While sanders tend to be faster and more aggressive, making them more suitable for thicker layers of paint when you want to remove more paint. There are some sanders that have different speeds so it’s easier to control it.


Luckily for us, there is a huge variety of products to choose from, having very accessible prices for them. You can find a basic polisher and sander from just $40 USD, going up to $200 USD on most complete kits with different components or professional options.

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