3 Pioneer AVH-X2700BS Problems (Troubleshooting)

pioneer avh-x2700bs problems
pioneer avh-x2700bs problems

The Pioneer Corporation is famous for its wide variety of entertainment products. Unlike other brands, you won’t have to pay inflated prices for your Pioneer entertainment system. Among other products, Pioneer AVH-X2700BS stands out due to its unique user interface and ease of installation.

Along with that, there are over a hundred different color combinations that you can choose from. Overall, it has a beautiful design and will look beautiful in your vehicle. Usually, looking at some common problems with the product can save you from a bad purchase.

So, if you were thinking of buying Pioneer AVH-X2700bs then we will be listing some common problems for this device. That way you can weigh the pros and cons yourself to make a better purchase decision.

Troubleshooting Pioneer AVH-X2700BS Problems

  1. Unit Keeps Restarting

According to several customers, one of the most annoying issues with this device is that the unit will keep restarting when you start your vehicle. You can also find this problem in some of the other AVH models.

Usually, this problem is caused by low temperature. So, if you live somewhere cold then it might not be a good purchase for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t live somewhere with a temperature problem then you don’t have to worry about this problem.

If you have already made the purchase then there are a few tricks that you can use to get the unit working again. First, you should just leave the vehicle running for a few minutes so that the unit can warm up a bit.

Depending upon the temperature outside, you will have to wait for 5 to 15 minutes and everything should start working after that.

But if for some reason your device is not working even after you have given it sufficient time to warm up then you should check the circuit board for defects. However, if you have a valid warranty then just forward a claim instead of trying to fix the device yourself.

  1. Buttons Malfunctioning

Another problem with this Pioneer unit is that sometimes the buttons on the side of the unit won’t work like they are supposed to. Some users also said that pressing one button will perform an action related to a different button.

It can be quite an annoying problem, especially when you are out on a long trip. Usually, this problem can be linked with software issues but sometimes the unit itself is defective.

So, to test your unit, you should try restoring the factory settings or updating the firmware. Trying either one of these troubleshooting steps should fix any software-related issues with your device.

You can use the owner’s manual, which is also available online, to find the procedure for updating the firmware on your device.

If your device is not defective then it should start working properly at this stage. But if you’re not that lucky and the problem won’t go away then your device might be defective and you will have to buy a replacement or claim the warranty on your unit to fix this problem.

  1. Unit Not Powering Up

Some customers also pointed out that they had difficulty powering up the unit after installing it in their vehicle. Now, if you installed the unit yourself then the problem is most likely related to faulty connections.

You should immediately, check the power source and make sure that you’ve installed the unit properly.

If possible, we suggest that you get the unit professionally installed in your vehicle. You will have to pay a few bucks but at least you will avoid this problem. So, if you’re running into powering issues and can’t fix it yourself then you should get it installed again by a professional.

In the meanwhile, you can try isolating the problem by checking the wiring and the user manual. That will help you isolate the problem and there is a chance that you will be able to fix it yourself.

But if you got the unit professionally installed and it was working fine before then it is probable that your device has gone bad. In this situation, you should call the customer line and they will either get it replaced or repaired depending upon your warranty status.

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