Can You Use Penetrol On Fiberglass?

penetrol on fiberglass
penetrol on fiberglass

Owning a motorhome or recreational vehicle can be a huge investment. Though, it is worth it for people who enjoy going out on occasional trips with their family and friends.

These vehicles come with a bed that they can easily sleep in. Additionally, you are also provided with a kitchen.

This means that you can easily cook for yourself even when you are out on a camping trip. Aside from this, you should note that maintenance for these vehicles is also essential.

While this can take a lot of time and can be difficult to do. The user will no longer have to worry about their vehicle running into problems while they are out on a trip.

What Is Penetrol?

Talking about keeping your vehicle well maintained. Flood Wood Finishes is a famous company that manufactures products that you can apply on wooden furniture. These allow them to look shiny and you will notice that your furniture will not lose its color over time.

This can be a real-life savor as watching your expensive furniture look dull after a few years can be quite painful. Talking about this, Penetrol is one of the most famous solutions that this company has come out with.

This is an oil-based product that you can install on your vehicle. Which will then allow it to have a strong layer of protection from most damaging things. These include UV rays from sunlight as well as damages from extreme weather conditions.

Another great thing about the product is that you will notice that there is a reduction in brush marks. This should be after cleaning the surface of your vehicle where Penetrol has been applied.

Additionally, any metallic surfaces where you apply this solution will be less likely to get rusted even after coming in contact with water or moisture.

Penetrol On Fiberglass

While Penetrol is mostly made to be applied on metallic surfaces. Some people wonder if this can be used on fiberglass as well. The quick answer for this is ‘absolutely’.

The user can easily apply the solution even on a surface where fiberglass is used. Though, you should keep in mind that when using the product in these situations.

The company suggests that you mix it in with oil-based paint. This will allow the solution to provide you with an even better layer of protection. Additionally, the product will be even easier to apply.

Aside from this, you will notice that the surface of your vehicle will look much cleaner after the paint has dried. Keep in mind that the user will have to wax the surface of their vehicle on the solution that has been completely applied.

This ensures that you get the best possible results. There is also a procedure that needs to be followed when using the product.

You can find a manual provided along with the Penetrol solution which you can consult.

Make sure that you follow around all of these steps carefully so that you can be satisfied with the results.

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