Park Model vs Destination Trailer: Which Is Better?

park model vs destination trailer
park model vs destination trailer

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their family and friends. While users only plan these trips during their vacations, you should note that there are also some enthusiasts. These people will go out on trips much more frequently and even stay on them for months at a time. Considering this, they must bring the best possible equipment with them. Talking about this, when it comes to carrying all of the luggage for these users.

It can be almost impossible to store this in a car. This is why these enthusiasts go for larger vehicles. There are multiple types of recreational vehicles that you can choose from. Although, people who already own trucks or cars with powerful engines will be interested in getting a trailer. These are much better as you can tow them with your vehicle and then carry them around with you. Two of the most popular types of trailers that people get confused about include park models and destination trailers. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two.

Park Model vs Destination Trailer Comparison

Park Model

As mentioned above, the main difference between a trailer and an RV is the lack of engine in trailers. The main reason why these vehicles exist is that motorhomes can be extremely expensive. The moving parts in them including the engine and transmission system cost a lot and the user has to keep them maintained at all times. Whereas when it comes to trailers, the maintenance required on them is quite less in comparison. Moreover, the lack of moving parts gives these vehicles a lower price.

This makes them much more affordable for people but keep in mind that there are some requirements for these vehicles as well. This includes having a powerful enough engine to carry your trailer as well as a tow bar to connect your vehicle to. Park models are RVs that are considered unique trailers. This is because most of the features on these are similar to a trailer. However, the main difference is the size of these vehicles.

A park model is extremely large and almost looks like a home or cottage. The main reason why these are this large is so that people can comfortably live in them for a long period. Usually, someone who owns a park model intends to stay on their trip for a season or even several seasons. This is why they simply purchase a house that can be transported by connecting it to their trucks. The main downsides for getting a park model are that these cost a lot and you have to own quite a powerful engine to carry them.

Destination Trailer

Another famous type of vehicle that camping enthusiasts go for is a destination trailer. These are also known as part trailers and part vacation homes. The main reason behind it is also the large size of these vehicles. Additionally, the features on them and their interior resemble a house more than an RV. Considering all of this, you will notice that destination trailers and park models are quite similar. This is why many people get confused between the two and find it difficult to select one out of them.

With that being said, you should note that several factors differentiate these two types of trailers from each other. The most important ones include destination trailers to be completely mobile. On the other hand, a park model is designed to only travel so that you can reach a specific area. You will then have to take off the tow bar from this vehicle and as well the tires on it. This is because the extremely heavyweight of a park model puts too much pressure on this equipment.

When it comes to destination trailers, you will notice that these are much more similar to travel trailers instead. You can take them wherever you want to and their weight can easily be carried by a powerful truck. Although, these are also heavier than traditional trailers so it is best that you only purchase these if you want to stay in a specific area for a long time.

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