3 Ways To Fix Onan Microlite 4000 Won’t Stay Running

onan microlite 4000 wont stay running
onan microlite 4000 wont stay running

Cummins is a famous company that manufactures RV generators under the brand name Onan. They have a huge lineup that you can choose from. Although, the main difference between them is the size of the device and how many watts it can run on.

Aside from this, most of the features are the same on these devices. The reason why these generators are considered to be made for RVs is because of their portability.

Most of these are designed to fit easily in your vehicle and also have handles so that you can move them around. The Onan Microlite 4000 is one of the best models that you can go for. This is one of the newer lineups which is why it has been equipped with better features.

Although, recently some people have been reporting that their Onan Microlite 4000 won’t stay running. If you are also getting the same issue on your device then here are some steps that can be used to fix it.

How to Fix Onan Microlite 4000 Won’t Stay Running?

  1. Check Vehicle Configurations

The first thing that you should check if your generator won’t stay running is the configurations on your vehicle. Some newer models are now coming with an on-demand setup feature on them.

The way this works is that your vehicle will automatically cut off its connection from your generator. This happens when the current required by the RV can be handled by your batteries resulting in saving fuel on your generator.

Usually, you can change the configurations for this from your RVs converter however, you will have to consult the manual for this.

The process differs from vehicle to vehicle which is why make sure that you carefully set up the feature. In most cases, it is recommended that you leave it on as this will save your generator’s life allowing it to last you a long time.

However, this will put more load on your batteries as result. If you have lost the manual that came with your vehicle then you should be able to get a copy of it online. Just make sure you do not change anything you are unfamiliar with.

This can cause your vehicle to run into additional problems instead. On the other hand, if your RV did not have this feature on it then you can move on to the next step.

  1. Check Connections

Another reason why your Onan Microlite 4000 might be switching off can be due to a problem with its connections. If you have recently switched the place for your generator or moved it slightly then there is a high chance that some of your connections have come off.

Alternatively, these might be loose, preventing your generator from staying on. You can carefully observe the connections to see if there are any problems with them. It is recommended that you get any damaged cables replaced with new ones.

Additionally, you should try taking off the device once and then install the cables after cleaning the ports. Power off your vehicle beforehand to avoid getting shocked.

  1. Device Overheating

The position you have installed your generator in also plays a huge role in how it will work. This is because there is a high chance that your device might not be receiving enough air.

This can cause the system to start overheating and switching itself off to prevent any damages. Keeping this in mind, you can check if your generator is installed in an area with enough ventilation. If not, then you can go for two different solutions.

One of these is to simply change the location of your generator and putting it somewhere air can hit it. Alternatively, you can install a fan nearby the equipment instead. This should be left running at all times to keep the device cooled off.

While the fan will drain some electricity, it is still better to protect the health of your generator. Furthermore, this should also help you in getting rid of the problem as soon as possible. Some other things to keep in mind are that you keep your fuel tank filled above the 1/4 level at all times. Going below this can also prevent the generator from running properly.

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  1. i have a generac in a alfa gold 2004 year gen is a diesel gen starts fine but upon releasing the glow plug botton the gen stops running anayone can you help me??????


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