Onan Generator Not Starting, Just Clicking: 3 Fixes

onan generator not starting just clicking
onan generator not starting just clicking

If you enjoy going out on camping trips then you should note that it not usually possible to have access to electricity. Considering this, people who want to use electrical appliances can have trouble with it. This is where portable generators come in that are easy to install in your RV. You can then use all your electrical appliances without any issues.

Onan is considered to be one of the best companies that manufacture these. You can easily purchase these from a selection of devices provided to the user.

Recently, some users have been complaining that their Onan generator is not starting and just clicking. This might happen to you as well; this is why we will be using this article to provide you with some steps that can be used to fix this.

Onan Generator Not Starting, Just Clicking

  1. Check Connections

The first thing that you should check is the connections on your vehicle. The clicking indicates that the generator is not receiving enough power which usually means that your connections are loose. Alternatively, the wirings might have broken out which can prevent electricity from flowing to your device.

Before starting with the fix, you should note that the process can be dangerous. It is better if you contact a professional if you do not have any knowledge about this. If you do, then you can proceed with disconnecting your generator from the main power. Now take a voltmeter to check the current coming from your connection.

Make sure that the readings on it are not too low or fluctuating. If they are then check all your other outlets as well. If the rest of your connections are fine then you can install your generator on another outlet instead. This will fix the problem for you meanwhile you can either replace your current outlet or get it replaced.

  1. Check Battery

If the connections in your vehicle are all giving you problems then there might be a problem with your main power source. If you are not using an external outlet to power up your vehicle then the problem is most likely from your battery.

Though, users with external power should try replacing their adapter or outlet. As for the batteries, these usually require the user to fill them up with water. You should also clean them up using warm water to prevent any additional problems with the product.

  1. Check Fuel

The next thing that you should do is check the fuel in your generator. If this is either too low or has become dirty then you can get similar problems. The only way to fix this is by replacing the fuel in your generator with a new one.

Additionally, you should note that at least one-third of the fuel is required to be filled at all times. This is essential for your generator to function without any errors. If all the troubleshooting steps fail for you then you will have to get it replaced with a new one.

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