Onan Generator Altitude Adjustment: What You Need To Know

onan generator altitude adjustment
onan generator altitude adjustment

The main benefit of having a motorhome or recreational vehicle is that these provide you with numerous features. All of these combined make the user feel like they are traveling in their own homes. Although, one common issue that many people get on these vehicles is their limited power. When it comes to this, you should note that the vehicle is not connected to the main power source like your home. Instead of this, you have small batteries in your RV that are powering it up.

This is why some people decide to install generators in their vehicles. Luckily, many companies manufacture small factor generators for this use. These portable devices are quite easy to install in your RV and will also have next to no noise on them. Though, the overall power on them and their features still depend on what brand you decide to go for. This is why you must purchase a generator by going through its specifications first.

More About Onan Generators

Cummins is a famous multinational company from America that is known for both designing and manufacturing some of the best generators. There is a huge lineup of devices that this brand has come up with, additionally, all of these are equipped with different features.

However, the models made for RVs are smaller in size and lightweight. This makes it easy for people to carry them and install them in any place they want to. Although, make sure that your generator is in a well-ventilated area. This is important because the lack of air around these devices can cause them to overheat. This is something we’ll be delving into with our Onan generator altitude adjustment guide.

Onan Generator Altitude Adjustment

Most of the Onan Generators come with an altitude adjustment on them. Spinning the bolt on them allows you to adjust the running power on your device. Considering this, sometimes if you notice that your device is running low on power. An attitude adjustment might be required. However, before you get to this, one important thing is that you contact the support team for Cummins. Tell them about your problem in detail so that they can figure out what is causing the issue.

Sometimes the lack of power can be from another source instead of the adjustment. Considering this, if the company tells you to adjust the altitude button on your generator then you can go ahead and do it. Now the overall process for this is quite simple and you should not have any trouble with it. The main issue that some people have reported with this is that some of the Onan generators do not have altitude adjustment available in them.

If you are having this problem then the first thing that you should do is to contact your dealer. Tell them about this and they should be able to provide you with the parts required. You can then install these on your generator for the altitude generator. However, if the dealer is not able to help you out then your only option will be to install a new carburetor. These can be quite expensive to purchase, this is why your dealer should help you out.

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