Onan 4000 Generator Will Not Crank: 3 Solutions

onan 4000 generator will not crank
onan 4000 generator will not crank

Going out on long camping trips can be a lot of fun. Although, if you are someone who wants to stay out for more than just a few days then having a motorhome with you can be essential. This is because carrying all of your equipment on a small vehicle can be quite difficult. Additionally, there is no place to comfortably relax in a car.

This is why most camping enthusiasts have large motorhomes and RVs with them. You can even use electrical appliances in these which can be amazing. Although, the power in them is still limited which is why people install generators. The Onan 4000 generator is a great option that you can go for but recently some users have reported that it will not crank. This can be quite annoying to deal with which is why we will be using this article to provide you with a few steps to fix this.

Reasons and Solutions for Onan 4000 Generator Will Not Crank

1. Check Batteries

If the generator in your vehicle is set to crank up in emergencies or from the switch on your motorhome. Then the device, not cranking can be from an issue with your batteries instead of the generator itself. This is because the batteries are directly responsible for starting up your generator during these situations. There are a few things that you will have to check on your batteries that include the water levels on them.

These should be filled at all times as a battery with low water in it will run out of power frequently. Aside from this, the terminals on your batteries have to be kept clean at all times. Remove any dirt that is on them. In case, these are stuck, you can then pour warm water on them to soften the dirt and substances which can then be easily removed by scrubbing them off.

2. Charge Your Battery

If you have tried the steps mentioned above but your generator is still not cranking. Then there is a high chance that your battery is not charged properly. As you already know, there are multiple batteries in a motorhome but the one that you will have to check is the one responsible for starting your generator. Remove it and then make sure that you charge it properly from another source. If done properly then the next time you connect your battery back in your vehicle, the generator should crank without any issues.

3. Check Wires

Finally, if you are still getting the same problem on your Onan 4000 generator. Then there is a chance that your connections might have come loose. Alternatively, these might be damaged, whatever the case might be you must observe them. Any loose connections should be tightened and if you notice any damages on your cables then replace these.

Mostly a faulty wire should have breaks or cracks on it that can easily be recognized. You can also contact a specialist to help you out with this process if you are feeling hesitant. This is much better as trying to check these cables on your own can be quite dangerous.

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