Onan 2.8 Generator Troubleshooting (4 Problems)

Onan 2.8 generator troubleshooting
Onan 2.8 generator troubleshooting

Onan is a widely known brand known for offering high-quality RV generators. Not only are they really easy to operate, but they also manage to deliver high performance due to their reliable power output. Currently, there is a whole lineup of generators from which you can choose through Onan.

Onan 2.8 Generator Troubleshooting

The Onan 2.8 generator is one of the better generators that you can opt for. It comes with a lightweight and compact design. However, just like any other vehicle, you can run into engine issues every now and then with your RV.

Today, we will be covering some of the most common problems that one can face while using an Onan 2.8 generator along with how they can be fixed. So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started!

  1. Cranks Issues

Cranking is an important mechanism in any generator. For those of you who are unaware of what cranking really is, cranking an engine means to turn the engine’s crankshaft which is primarily used for rotating the engine or powering it on.

There have been plenty of claims made by users about facing cranking issues. Either their RV fails to crank, cranks really slow, or won’t even start. In either case, you will have to check a number of things in order to troubleshoot the issue.

Start by checking the battery. The battery’s power could be low, or there could be a really bad battery connection. A blown fuse is another possibility that could lead to the same series of issues with the RV.

To fix these issues, you will have to check the battery’s electrolyte levels, tighten the battery’s cable connections and replace any blown fuse that you might have. It is also worth mentioning that low fuel or oil levels could also be the cause for your RV failing to start.

  1. Engine Stops When Making a Turn

Another really common issue that users have faced with their engine is that whenever they are about to make a turn while driving, the engine will turn off. Similarly, they have also reported about the RV shutting down every now and then during a drive.

In such cases, we strongly suggest you check the oil and fuel levels of the vehicle. The engine could be malfunctioning due to either excessive or low oil. If you notice oil or fuel shortage, then simply refill the fuel tank or add oil as required. However, if there is excess oil present, you will have to manually reduce the engine oil levels.

  1. Black Smoke

In case you notice any black smoke coming out of the exhaust whenever starting or driving the vehicle, you will have to stop driving immediately and check for possible issues with the engine. These include having issues with oil mixture adjustment, a dirty air filter, or the choke being stuck somewhere.

Start with the fuel adjustment and turn the main fuel adjustment in 1/8 (CW). You can refer to the user manual guide if having issues with the process. In case you simply have a dirty air filter, replace the air filter with a newer one. If nothing seems to work, contact Onan customer or service care center for further help on the matter.

  1. Experiencing Surges

Certain users have also complained about their RV suddenly experiencing surges while running the unit. The most common reason behind such sudden surges is a defective or loose spark plug, defective wiring, or ignition coil. It could also be that there is a malfunction in the combustion air preheat.

While you can check the spark plug, we recommend referring to the Onan service care center for support. These are all technical issues that you shouldn’t be able to do anything about unless you really know what you are doing.

The Bottom Line:

Here is a complete guide on troubleshooting Onan 2.8 generator. We have attached all the common problems and their respective solutions. In case of any queries, all you have to do is to leave down a comment below!

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