3 Common Northstar Camper Problems (Troubleshooting)

northstar camper problems
northstar camper problems

If you enjoy going out for long trips then you might already own a camper or motorhome. These devices allow users to have a place that they can rest in. Additionally, if you decide to go for a larger vehicle, then these might even contain a kitchen.

You can easily cook for yourself here without having to survive only on snacks. This makes you have a more enjoyable trip and feel like you are traveling in your own house.

One of the best companies that make these campers is Northstar. They have a huge lineup of vehicles that you can select from, which are all good. While that might be the case, users will run into some problems with them.

Considering this, here are some common problems that you can get on your Northstar Camper and how you can troubleshoot them.

Northstar Camper Problems

  1. Excess Dirt Entering Camper

One of the most common issues that camper users get is that a lot of dirt enters their vehicle. This can then stick to your shoes and spread all across the vehicle, which can get annoying.

This usually happens when you take your camper out for camping in forests. You should note that this is almost impossible to prevent even if you drive at a slow speed and carefully. The only solution for this is to add a rug to your vehicle’s door.

You should then take off your shoes here and keep a pan with water nearby. This can be used to clean up your feet before you enter the vehicle barefoot. Aside from this, users can also keep a vacuum in their vehicles which can be used to wipe off all the dirt.

Although, you should remember to purchase a device that won’t drain too much of your vehicle’s battery. Some companies have even started to come with portable vacuums that can be charged.

  1. Battery Failure

Your enjoyment can come to a halt if the batteries in your vehicle die out during your trip. This is because all your electrical appliances will stop working and you will be unable to move your vehicle.

This is why you must keep a regular check on your vehicle. The battery needs to be checked for its water levels once a week. If the water in it dries up then the battery will stop charging any farther and eventually die.

Aside from this, it is also important to keep the electrodes on these devices cleaned up. This is because small layers of oxide can form on them which prevents current from flowing both into the battery and out of it.

If you keep all of these in check then the problem will be prevented. Although, if your battery has already died. Then you can either plug it into a direct AC source to charge it back.

Alternatively, a spare battery can also be used to start your vehicle again. This is why you must keep an additional battery with you at all times in case of any emergency.

  1. Electrical Problems

There are quite a lot of electrical problems that you can get on your NorthStar Camper.  Some of these can be fixed easily while others might require professional help. Whatever the case might be, it is better that you troubleshoot them before getting worried about them.

Although, if you don’t have any knowledge about these kinds of stuff then you should take your vehicle directly to a workshop. If you notice that any electrical outlet is not working on your camper. Then the first thing you should do is connect a voltmeter to it.

Taking a reading on it should help you in figuring out If the problem is from fluctuations in current or the outlet is not receiving any power. If there are fluctuations then your battery might be faulty.

However, if the outlet has completely stopped working then try to replace its fuse. This should help you in fixing it. If it is still unable to give out current then test your appliance on another outlet.

This should help you in confirming if your previous outlet has become faulty or not. Usually, these outlets can be fixed by replacing them with new ones or by replacing the wiring.

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  1. I have a new Northstar 850sc. When lifting the roof it doesn’t seem to go up level. When it is all the way up the front left corner doesn’t seem to be all the way up? Is this normal?


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