No Power To Outlets In RV: 3 Recommended Solutions

no power to outlets in rv
no power to outlets in rv

Going out on long camping trips can be a lot of fun. You can explore new areas and also make memories with your friends and families. Although the longer your trip will be, the more luggage and equipment will be required.

Carrying them in a small vehicle is not possible which is why people get RVs instead. These come with large rooms that are completely furnished.

The user can both store their luggage and rest comfortably in the vehicle. Moreover, another great thing about these motorhomes is the ability to use electrical appliances in them. This makes you feel like you are traveling in your own home.

Although, what if you run into a problem with the electricity in your vehicle. Talking about this, some users have reported that there is no power to the outlets in their RV. If you are also getting the same problem then here are some ways that can be used to fix it.

What to Try When There is No Power to Outlets in RV

1. Check Outlets in Your Vehicle

Having no power in your RV can be quite annoying as this is one of the most important things about it. Although, there are some troubleshooting steps that you can try that might help in getting rid of the issue.

With that being said, you can start by checking if the problem is not from your outlets. If only a few of these are not working then you can simply replace them to fix the issue. Although, if all of them are dead then you can move on to the next steps.

2. Reset Circuit Breaker

The second thing that you should look out for is the main circuit breaker in your RV. This device is installed as a security feature and it will cut your connection in case of any surges. This protects all the appliances in your vehicle from getting damaged because of the fluctuations in current.

Considering this, the circuit breaker will require you to reset it before all the outlets start working again. Sometimes these also have small fuses in them that can get burnt. If that is the case, then you will have to replace the fuse as well before your vehicle’s sockets start working again.

3. Check Batteries and Generator

Finally, the last thing that you will have to check is the batteries and generator in your vehicle. These are mainly responsible for supplying power to the RV. Depending on which one you have all the sockets connected to, you can start troubleshooting the device to fix your issue. Make sure that the battery is filled with water and its terminals are completely clean.

As for the generator, make sure that it has more than half of its fuel tank filled and all of its connections are tightly installed. You should also ensure that the generator was not being overloaded with all the appliances you have in your RV.

Taking off some of the load can also help the device to start working again. If the problem persists then try calling an electrician to help you out.

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