3 Common Nexus RV Problems (Troubleshooting)

nexus rv problems
nexus rv problems

Nexus RV is a famous Recreational Vehicle manufacturing brand that focuses mainly on C and Super C market space. While some of their vehicles might fall under different categories, the majority of them are within this range.

The company has been growing at a steady pace and their vehicles have been improving with time. This is all done through customer feedback which shows how amazing they are.

If you are interested in the products made by Nexus then you can check out their official website. They have all the vehicles listed along with their specifications. This makes it easy to choose one of them.

However, you should note that there are still some issues that can be found on these. We will be using this article to provide you with a list of problems that you can get on your Nexus RV along with steps to fix them.

Nexus RV Problems

  1. Check Battery

One of the most common issues people can get on their Nexus RVs is electrical problems. These usually happen if either there is something wrong with your wiring or the battery in your vehicle. This is why you should start by taking a look at your battery. Make sure that the water level in it is filled.

If it is running low then this is most likely why you were getting issues. Aside from this, another important thing to note is the condition of your battery. Dirt and layers of oxide can start forming on the top of the electrodes on these devices. These will then block any current from passing through or going to your battery.

This can only be removed by using warm water and wiping off any layers that had been formed. Sometimes users might even have to replace their batteries with a completely new one. These devices have a life range on them and will eventually die out on the user. However, it is better that you try to jump-start the battery by supplying current from another vehicle.

This will ensure that your battery is dead or not. As for purchasing a new battery, you should go through the features of these devices before selecting one. The overall output of current on them can help you out at times. Another essential thing is taking a look at the compatibility of these batteries.

  1. Electrical Issues

If the problem persists then there are most likely some problems with the wires on your device. Try to take off the switches from outlets that are giving you trouble. You can now install them in a new socket and check if those work or not. If your Nexus RV uses fuses in its sockets then you can easily fix your connection by replacing these.

Fuses are used as a security feature that cuts off the connection once the current coming to the socket falls below a certain threshold or exceeds it. Once these have burnt out the only way to fix them is by purchasing a new one and then installing them. Although, if your RV does not use a fuse in their outlets then you will have to completely replace these instead.

You can easily purchase them from any store nearby you. Just make sure that these have similar installation screws as your previous socket so that you do not have any other problems. You can even use a voltmeter to test the connection in your RV.

This will ensure that either your outlets have died or not. The process for this is really simple and you only have to connect the voltmeter in the socket. You can then take readings of your connection to confirm if the values are correct.

  1. Equipment Problems

Sometimes people might start getting issues with their equipment or fittings on the Nexus RVs. You should note that the products made by them are not premium. These are made for budget users which means that there is a high possibility that you might not be satisfied with them.

Though, the only way to get these fixed is by sending in your vehicle back directly to Nexus. They will be able to inspect it and then help you out in getting a replacement for these equipments.

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