3 Common National RV Dolphin Problems (Troubleshooting)

national rv dolphin problems
national rv dolphin problems

When it comes to purchasing a recreational vehicle or motorhome. One of the most essential things to look into is what company you are getting it from.

Considering this, National is a leading corporation that you can get the vehicle from. The company also owns Country Coach which is quite famous. There is a total of 13 lineups provided by the brand currently.

They are working on manufacturing even more while ensuring that all of these have amazing features. The specifications for all of these are different and you can easily check these online. This helps in selecting a vehicle that will be best for you.

While these are great to use, there are still some models that can give you a little trouble. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a few common problems that can be found on the National RV Dolphin along with their fixes.

National RV Dolphin Problems

  1. Stability Problems

One of the most common issues that people get with these RVs as well as other large vehicles similar to these is them being unstable. While some people might ignore this, you should note that it can be really dangerous to drive around your vehicle while it is wobbling. It is recommended that you do not drive the vehicle during this and look into your problem.

Usually, stability issues on a vehicle like this are caused by the wheels. The alignment for them can be inaccurate, alternatively, the pressure rating might be too low. The first thing that you should do is to get the air level in your tires filled back up. Make sure that the PSI value matches up with the recommended ones from your tire manufacturer. Even filling in too much air can be dangerous for tires as it can affect their shape.

Once all the tires have the same air level, drive around the vehicle and see if your problem persists. If you are unable to drive on a straight road without lifting your hands from the wheel then the alignment might have an issue. Take the vehicle to a workshop for this and they should be able to fix the problem in some time. This should most likely fix the wobble and stability problems that the user was getting.

  1. Electrical Issues

The National RV Dolphin has tons of outlets that the user can use. These allow you to plug-in electrical appliances in them which can then be used throughout your trip. However, many people have complained that they get problems related to these on their vehicles. Considering this, the first thing that you should check is your outlets.

You can plug in a lamp in them and then observe the bulb. If you notice that it does not get fully lit then there might be a problem with the socket. If there is only a single outlet giving you trouble then you can get it replaced. You can even look for any wiring issues with it beforehand.

Though, if all the outlets are giving the same error then the problem is from your batteries instead. Make sure that the terminals on these devices are completely cleaned off. If there is anything stuck on it then the current can be prevented or blocked. Use warm water to remove layers of oxides that are stuck on these terminals.

  1. Check Engine

While driving around your vehicle, you might hear knocking sounds coming from the engine. These indicate that there is a problem with the device. It is recommended that you park your vehicle in a safe spot if this happens and check what is wrong with it. The main cause for this issue is the oil in your engine is too thick.

This happens when you have been driving the vehicle for a while and have not changed the fuel. Usually, companies provide you with a mileage after which it is necessary to replace the oil. Considering this, remove the current oil from your vehicle and get it replaced. This should allow it to have a smoother ride and the problem should also be gone. You should also get your air filters replaced and get the coolant in your engine refilled. These will also help you in preventing any future issues.

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