4 Ways To Fix Motorhome Steps Will Not Retract

motorhome steps will not retract
motorhome steps will not retract

Most motorhomes these days are modernly designed and work on electric appliances. These retractable steps come out on their own so that you can easily get on the camper without having to do many efforts.

These steps are just the perfect thing to make it possible to get on and off the camper van and if they are not retracting for some reason, that can be quite troublesome for you. So, here is how you can get it fixed in no time at all.

How To Fix Motorhome Steps Will Not Retract?

1. Check on the Safety Sensor

The first thing that you should be checking on is the safety sensor for these retractable steps. The safety sensor ensures that these steps are not retracted automatically when the vehicle is moving or anything like that. So, you will need to go through the manual carefully and make sure you are retracting the steps when the RV is stopped, and parked on a flat surface.

Also, make sure there are no obstacles between the steps that might stop the steps from retracting. So, reading the manual will not only be a good thing to know more about your RV, but it can help you make sure that you are doing it right and the steps can be retracted.

2. Try it Manually

If there are sensors on the steps and they are not working for some reason, stopping the retracting process, then you should give it try manually once and that will ensure that it can work.

First, you need to try if there is a switch to retract the buttons instead of the sensor. If the button is not working either, a push might be needed to get it going and that will help your steps on the RV retract on their own flawlessly afterward.

3. Check Electronics

If you are a DIY person, you must know how these electronics work and there are many factors and components involved with the whole process to make it work. So, you will need to start off with the batteries and make sure that they are in the right order.

Moving forward, you will need to check on the trigger buttons, the wiring, and the electric mechanism of the retractable steps. That will help you figure out the problem and if some part needs replacement, you will have to change that to get it working. Most of the time, it is a minor issue with the cables, and setting that up will help you fix it.

4. Get it Checked

Since there are some other complicated parts involved, there are chances that you might end up doing more wrong than good and you can mess up more things on the RV circuit.

So, you should make sure to take it to an authorized dealership and they will be able to take a good look at your RV steps and do whatever is necessary to get it fixed for good. That will ensure for you to make it possible to get the perfect fix for the problem you are facing with retractable steps.

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