3 Common MorRyde Pin Box Problems (Troubleshooting)

morryde pin box problems
morryde pin box problems

While some of the most popular vehicles for camping enthusiasts are RVs and motorhomes. These are not the best options for everyone. This is because keeping these stored in your garage can be difficult if you already have another large vehicle.

Additionally, there is no reason to purchase another vehicle with a strong engine when you already have one. Considering this, a better option for these users is getting a trailer.

Although, the main problem with these vehicles is the driving experience. You can have trouble trying to make sharp turns or even when moving back and forth. Considering this, MORyde has come up with a pin box that can solve this problem.

While this is amazing equipment that will remove most of the chucking sounds and issues from your vehicle. There are still some problems that can be found with MORyde Pin Box instead.

We will be using this article to list some of the common issues that you can get along with ways to fix them.

MorRyde Pin Box Problems

  1. Equipment Making Sounds When Turning

One of the most common problems that many people have reported with the pin box from MORyde is that their device makes sounds when making turns.

You will hear a cracking sound like the equipment is breaking whenever you try to make a sharp turn. This can be quite scary to hear for the first time but you should note that this is quite common. The first thing that you can try is observing the equipment.

Make sure that it has nothing stuck in it as sometimes stuff can get jammed in your equipment giving it a hard time moving around. If that is the case then simply removing this should fix your problem.

However, if that was not the case then check if your device looks straight or crooked. Usually, the equipment comes with small rubber bushings that should be installed with the product.

Although, some people either forgot to install these or their dealers did not put them in. Whatever the case might be, you must install these rubber bushings on your vehicle if it has a high weight. These will ensure that not much stress is put on the equipment when making turns.

You can either visit the dealer you got your MORyde pin box from or contact the support team. They should be able to send you the rubber bushings at your address so that you can install them on your own.

  1. Installation Problems

The MORyde Pin Box is quite useful and most people who have installed the product on their vehicles have given it a positive rating.

However, when it comes to the installation process for this device, you can have a hard time trying to do this on your own. This is why it is mostly recommended that you have your dealer install it for you instead.

Additionally, make sure that the equipment works with your hitch as this can cause issues in the future. While this is the best method to get your MORyde pin box installed.

There might be some users who are too far away from dealers. Trying to drive around 200 miles just to get this equipment installed will not be the best option for them.

Considering this, they can try using the manual provided by MORyde instead. You should also be able to find some videos online to help you out. Just make sure that the connections for your device are all tight as it can be dangerous to drive around your vehicle with a loose pin box.

  1. Faulty Equipment or Broken Parts

There is quite a rare case of people running into issues with their MORyde Pin Boxes. Even if they do, most of these can be fixed by simply replacing the rubber bushings in the device. Although, if the issue with your equipment is that it has gotten damaged or broken then you will have to get It replaced.

MORyde has one of the best customer support teams that you can find. Considering this, it is recommended that you contact them and share your problem.

The team should be able to provide you with a suitable solution for any issue you were having. Just make sure that you answer any questions they might have regarding your device.

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  1. My black rubber bumpers at comming apart and need replaced. Also how easy should side to side movement be .I can move by hand .Trailer is Jayco north point 2019 model


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