Millenicom Review 2022: Is It Good Enough?

millenicom review
millenicom review

People can use the internet for a number of things. This includes watching movies, shows, or even sports-related shows. Additionally, they can even search for information and article about stuff they want to know.

Alternatively, to find solutions for problems that they have. Aside from this, there are countless more things that the internet can help out people in.

Talking about this, in order to have a good internet connection, it is essential that you choose an internet service provider that is reliable. This will help you in getting fast speeds as well as run into as few problems as possible. If you are thinking about getting an ISP for yourself. Then one option to go for is Millenicom.

Millenicom Review

Millenicom is one new ISP that provides its users with a number of different packages. All of these have variating bandwidth limits as well as speeds. You can go through all of these by visiting the official website of this company.

Some of these plans are designed for mobile use while others are for modems. Make sure that you read through all the information provided about them before you select one. This will help you in purchasing the best packages for your usage.

Millenicom also sells router modems for its users. These devices have a number of models and their performance is dependant on them. You can also find all the specifications about these devices from the website.

Aside from all of these, one important thing that you should look out for is the coverage provided by them. The company has been working on expanding its networks throughout Canada. Although, these are not yet available all over the states.

Considering this, if you are interested in getting Millenicom then you should take a look at all the areas that they provide coverage in. Your area might not be available for them, however, if it is then you can order their services online.

The company should ship all of these products to your doorstep. You can then set up your device easily and start using your new internet connection.

The overall set up procedure for these devices is really simple. Nevertheless, if you are still having any problems with it then the company also gives a manual that you can follow. This contains all the information that might be required for most people.

In some cases, people who have no experience with technical stuff might still have issues setting up their devices. If that is the case, then you can contact Millenicom. They provide a live support service which should be able to help you out.

On top of solving most errors, the company can even send in a support team technician. They should be able to set up the device for you. Although, this is not possible for every area so keep that in mind.


All the packages provided by this company are resell packages from different companies. The main one out of these is Verizon. Most of the packages provided by Verizon are bought in bulk and then sold to the users. Considering this, the packages are great and they should help you in using fast internet speeds without any issue.

Although, the downside of this is that if any package gets cancelled out from the backend then it will end from your ISP as well. This can be from a number of reasons. But without getting into them, you should note that Millenicom might not be able to refund you on these packages.

This is why some people recommend that you directly subscribe to a company that is offering all of these packages instead of getting them from a third-party ISP.


While a number of users are satisfied with the routers that this company sells. You should note that the overall rating received by Millenicom is quite negative. This is because the mobile packages provided by them for LTE and 3G sometimes prove to be not as good.

Users have mostly received dropped in performance and almost no coverage at certain times. Especially, if you are thinking about using this internet while you are out on a trip then it will most likely not work for you. Even if it does, the speeds you receive will be too slow to even search up anything.

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