Menards Exide Battery Review 2022


Choosing the best possible equipment for your vehicle will ensure the user that it performs well. Additionally, this also helps you out in preventing these from running into any problems.

You should also make a habit of regularly checking and keeping your car, RV, or truck maintained. This will help you out in understanding how these work and what problems you can expect. If you are already knowledgeable about them then you can easily fix any issues relating to them.

Similarly, batteries are also an essential part of most vehicles that users should know about. You have to both keep them clean at all times as well as check their water levels. Although, at a point, these will eventually die out and require a replacement.

Considering this if the batteries in your vehicle have died then you might have checked the market. There are a lot of companies that sell these products now.

Menards Exide Battery Review

One of the most known companies all around the world is Exide. They manufacture their batteries and also design them. There is a huge lineup of these that you can select depending on your use.

If you are interested in purchasing these batteries then you can contact a store that is recognized by the company. Alternatively, you can even the company directly to receive your product.

Talking about stores, Menards is a home improvement store in the US. They have now expanded their stores over 15 states and are still working on making more.

One great place that you can visit to purchase these batteries from Exide is the Menards store. You can easily visit their official website online and search for Exide. This will show you all the batteries that the store currently has available with them.

If you like any of these then you can proceed to click on them. This should take you to the product’s page where you can view all of its specifications. These include what features the battery has as well as its performance and size.

This makes it easy for people to select a battery that they can use in their vehicles. Although, if you are unfamiliar with what you should be looking out for then these are some important things you need to consider.


The most important thing to look out for is your budget. The batteries made by Exide have different features. Due to this, the price for them greatly varies from model to model. If you have a specific budget in mind then this can help you in narrowing the search for you. You can use the price range modifier provided by Menards to show results according to your budget.

Although, some batteries are made to be used at your home while others are for vehicles. These can be for boats, cars, or even large vehicles like motorhomes. This is why you should take a look at what the battery is made for before you select it.

Menards also provides regular sales of their products. This can help you in getting a premium battery at a much lower rate than usual.


Warranty is another thing that most users should keep in their minds. This is because even though Exide is a great and reliable company that tests all its products before shipping them off to the stores. Some of these might end up with small defects. Alternatively, these might develop later on at the store or these might have gotten damaged.

Menards provides their users with a return policy on all of their products. You should still remember to confirm this while purchasing an item by contacting the customer service of this site.

This can be done both online or through a call. The return policy usually lasts for about 30 days and the user can return their item in case of any problem. The only requirement for this is to have the receipt for your purchase. Though, if you have misplaced it then you can even take the email that you received for confirmation.

Taking these along with the product to the store should help in returning the item. Users should note that they can even get their batteries replaced from the store if they want to.

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  1. Ya I just bought a RV battery for my 2017 Starcraft at Menard’s yesterday, I have not hooked it up to the RV yet. Hopefully this battery is better then the battery Rick’s RV center put in the RV I had bought, I did some research and Rick’s RV switched out the battery with a shitty battery, the RV I bought is used the last owner had the RV for a year and then Traded it in for a upgrade, the battery that should have came with the RV is a way better battery then the one that should have came with it, this website and review on batteries are very helpful! Thanks for having a review website for people to learn more about batteries so thanks again


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