3 Common Maxxforce Regen Problems (Troubleshooting)

maxxforce regen problems
maxxforce regen problems

Maxxforce regeneration is a tool that lets users take a diagnostic of the engine you are using. You can use this device to take a reading of all the information you need to know about your engine. These include live graph data, engine oil level as well as ABS testing. You can use this on almost all of the engines made by Maxxforce. You can find a list of all the engines that support this regen device.

By keeping a reading of all this information, you can easily keep your engine maintained. Aside from this, you can even find electronically caused errors by using the reader on the regen device. While using the Maxxforce Regen device, you might encounter some problems. We will be using this article to provide you with some of the common problems you might encounter and how you can fix them.

Maxxforce Regen Problems

  1. Parked Regen

While driving your vehicle, you might notice that the regen device shows an error labeled as ‘parked regen’. The error might go away on its own and then appear again after some time. If you get this error, then this means that there is a leak in the exhaust or vehicle’s intake. You should take a look at them and confirm if that is causing the problem.

If that is in fact the problem, then you should take your vehicle to a nearby workshop as soon as possible. Tell them that there is a problem with the intake of your vehicle. They will take a look at it and fix it if it is possible. However, you should keep in mind that the intake will cause you problems again and again. This is why it is recommended that you get it replaced with a new one. You might even be able to fix the leak on your own.

Although, if you do not have any knowledge about these things then you should try to stay away from them and take your vehicle to a professional. Additionally, you can even contact a mechanic to take a look at your vehicle at home. Lastly, you should not drive your vehicle in this condition because the engine might become damaged.

  1. Change Engine Oil and Filters

If the regen device in your vehicle is beeping again and again. Then this means that you need to change the engine oil and filters. The engine oil usually needs to be replaced after the given limit of mileage on them. Most of these range from 4000 to 6000 kms. Aside from this, if you have kept your vehicle tucked away for a long period of time.

Then this might also cause the oil to thicken up and get filled with dirt. Whatever the case might be, take a look at the condition of the oil in your engine. IF you notice that its color is darker and has dirt. Then this indicates that you will have to replace it. Changing the engine oil of a vehicle on your own can be really tricky so this is why it is recommended that you get it replaced by a professional.

Other than this, you should also get all the air filters in your vehicle replaced as well. You should check your vehicle every week to make sure that it does not run into any problems. While replacing the engine oil, make sure that you select a well-known brand. Using a good engine oil can improve the performance of your vehicle.

  1. Change Diesel Fuel

A vehicle running on low-quality diesel fuel will need to be regened quite a lot. To prevent this from happening, you can use fuel of good quality. You can easily check a list of diesel options online that have been rated above others and then select from them. Alternatively, you can ask some workshop to recommend you an option.

There is a huge lineup of fuels that you can select from. The better quality of fuel will perform better and won’t require the user to regen it again and again. You should also be able to notice that your vehicle is driving smoother than before and the diesel should last you a long time.

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