3 Ways To Fix LP Gas Detector In RV Keeps Beeping

lp gas detector in rv keeps beeping
lp gas detector in rv keeps beeping

If you have an RV that you use to go out on your trips then you will most likely also have equipment with you to keep yourself in comfort. Additionally, you might even have some equipment for your safety. Talking about this, gas detectors are quite a useful piece of equipment to take with you during your trips. These detectors have a built-in sensor in them that can detect poisonous gases if they come in contact with it.

Once the detector notices any gas, it will start to beep to alert the user. These can be really helpful because people keep portable gas tanks with themselves on their trips. Which if for some reason starts to leak out, can result in a hazard. However, some users have complained that their LP gas detector keeps beeping in their RV. In case this happens to you, here is how you can fix it.

How To Fix LP Gas Detector In RV Keeps Beeping?

  1. Battery Problem

The most common reason for your detector to keep beeping is that it is not getting enough electricity. This causes the device to not function correctly and start beeping. This is why you should check the power coming on to your detector to fix this problem.

For portable and small detectors, you can easily open them from their back and check the batteries. If they are old then you should replace them to fix the problem.

  1. Check Power Outlet

Some people might have detectors that take in power through wiring. For these devices, you should start by checking if the socket that the device is connected to, is working fine. This can easily be check by either plugging in some other electric appliance in the same socket. Alternatively, you can check this by changing the socket and plugging in your detector in an outlet that you are sure works fine without any problem.

If your detector is not beeping continuously now then that means that your outlet is broken and needs to be fixed. You can also check the current coming from the outlet by using a voltmeter. The amount of power required for your detector should be labeled on its box. Usually, most detectors require 12 volts of power to be supplied into them.

  1. Check Battery

Sometimes the battery on your RV might be causing this problem. If the water level in it has not been checked for some time then that means that it has most likely gotten really low. Low water in a battery will make it not supply power to the vehicle efficiently. Check the water in your battery and if it is in fact gotten low then fill it back in.

After this, wait for some time and then check your detector to see if that fixed your problem. Lastly, if none of the steps mentioned above have fixed your problem then it is likely that a small amount of gas might be leaking from your tank. Check the tank carefully to see if that’s the problem.

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