Low Point Drains: What To Know About Them

low point drains
low point drains

Going out on long trips can be a lot of fun. But you have to keep in mind that a lot of equipment is required to enjoy your camping trips. This is why people who want to go out on frequent trips have RV and motorhomes. These vehicles allow you to carry lots of luggage while also providing you with several rooms. You can also have a steady supply of water with you with the help of low point drains.

While the number of features on your motorhome depends on what company you got it from. Most of these should already have equipment like refrigerators and stoves installed in them. Although, even if yours don’t, you can still purchase third-party devices and install them yourself. The only thing that you will have to look out for is your equipment being supported by the vehicle.

What Are Low Point Drains

One of the best features of RVs and motorhomes is having access to water. You can use this to take a bath whenever you want or wash your face. Keep in mind that the supply of water is not unlimited in these vehicles and you have to fill up the tank yourself. However, most camping grounds have water valves that can be used to re-fill your tank if you ever run out of water.

Considering this, as long as you keep the tank filled up with water, you can use the taps in your vehicle whenever you want to. The two-point drain in your vehicle is a valve located on it that can be used to drain out all the water. Simply opening the cap will allow water to flow from your tank and out of your vehicle. If you are wondering why this might be required.

You should keep in mind that the water supply in your vehicle can also get dirty or you might add some chemical to it. When winterizing your vehicle, you have to pour chemicals into your water supply to lower its freezing point. Although, once you are done with your trip, you must take out all the water. This is because the chemicals can start to damage your pipelines. Considering this, there are several other reasons just like this why you might have to use these two-point drains on your RV.

Problem with Low Point Drains

Now that you understand what these drains are and why they are needed. Sometimes when trying to use your vehicle, the user might start running into problems with these two-point drains. The most common issue that many people have complained about is that the drain starts to leak out water when they are trying to fill their tank.

The main reason for this can be that you have either forgotten to close the lid of your drain. Alternatively, this might have been loose, which got opened due to the high-water pressure. The drains are located on the lowest point on your tanks which is why these will directly take out all the water if you try filling up the tank with them open. In case the problem is not from the cap then your pipes might have a leakage in them.

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