A Long Bed or a Short Bed RV Is Best?

A Long Bed or a Short Bed RV Is Best?
A Long Bed or a Short Bed RV Is Best?

Long Bed vs. Short Bed RV

While some types of vehicles can do moderate towing work, trucks are the most suitable vehicles for carrying really heavy loads. The rugged construction of their frame body gives the truck enough strength to transport trailers and campers without any issues. Medium-sized trucks are generally good for smaller camper trailers, while larger trucks can handle larger campers and heavy trailers.

There is also the option of having a truck camper, which pretty much consists of a detachable RV that goes on top of the bed of the truck that can be removed whenever you want it, without the need of dragging it behind you. This is the main reason why some RV users prefer this option instead of towing a trailer. They don’t have to worry about any extra space that their RV might take and have to worry only about the area their truck takes.

There are also several factors you need to consider when choosing the right size and bed. Some users don’t really do any research and decide to opt for the bigger option right away thinking it’s the best thing out there in the market, although there are other things that should influence your decision when deciding whether you want a truck with a long bed or short bed. Such as how comfortable it is, how much it costs, how much room there is inside, etc.

Today we will talk about the differences between long and short bed options for these types of RV and mention even other options out there in the market.

Long bed

When we talk about a long bed, we refer to the size of the back area of the truck. Long bed trucks (and truck campers) measure 8 ft long. Trucks that have a long bed are considered the standard size for a haul trailer. Like we mentioned they are perfect to tow 5th wheelers because of its power and strength. If you opt for a truck camper you will need the proper hitch (fixed or sliding), which is the base that connects and attaches the camper to your truck.

Short bed

They measure 6 ft, 2 less than the long ones. And are also the most common sizes out there in the market, making it easy to maneuver and park when necessary. Since the bed is closer to the cabin there is a chance that if you are towing a trailer it hits it, therefore sliding hitches are recommended more than fixed ones for short beds. People usually prefer them since they are easier to drive.

Shorter beds

That’s right! There is even a shorter option, and it includes trucks with beds under 6ft. Instead of hitches, it will be necessary to use a Sidewinder pin box replacement to make it work.

It all truly depends on the size of the camper or trailer you own, but if you are just getting started, a lot of people recommend the short bed for its efficiency and how easy they are to use without sacrificing any important space inside the RV.

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