Lippert Axle Reviews: Is It Worth The Price?

lippert axle reviews
lippert axle reviews

Most people decide to go out on long trips during their vacations. This lets them enjoy the wildlife and explore areas that they had not seen before.

Although, most enthusiasts go out on trips much more frequently and even decide to stay for a few weeks. Considering this, they have to take a large vehicle with them that can hold all of their luggage.

Most RVs and motorhomes come with numerous features that will keep you at ease. Although, when it comes to driving these around, you might start to notice a few issues. Most large vehicles like this cannot go at high speeds.

This is because they will start to sway and will take some time to stop when you press the brakes. This delay in your vehicle stopping is why most people avoid driving their RVs at fast speeds. Although, there are some companies like Lippert that have come up with a solution for this.

Lippert Axle Reviews

Lippert is a famous brand from the US that is known for manufacturing components for RVs and similar vehicles. They have tons of products that you can check directly from their website.

You can select any component that you like by going through their directories and then click on it. This will show you most of the information required about the product, making it easier for you to decide if you want it. Talking about this, one of the most popular components that Lippert manufactures are their axles.

These are the central shaft that your vehicle’s wheels are connected to. Aside from this, the braking equipment is also attached to the axles which allow you to stop the rotating wheels.

The reason why these axles are different than the standard ones in your vehicle is because of them being forward self-adjusting brakes. Normally, the user has to get their brakes adjusted once every 3 months to keep them in the best condition.

However, when going out for longer trips, you might have to get these adjusted much frequently. Considering this, using a braking system that will keep itself adjusted and perform almost 50% better than standard brakes should be better for you.

Using these axles will ensure that you can stop your vehicle quickly without any magnet wear. This should also keep you and your family safe while also providing you with peace of mind.

Types of Lippert Axle

If you are interested in purchasing axles from Lippert for your vehicle. Then the first thing that you will notice is that the company manufactures three different types of these products.

This might confuse you at first however, it is important that you carefully go through all of these. Each of the lineups has different specifications and requirements. These include the number of features on them as well as what their weight capabilities are.

You can narrow down the list depending on the overall weight you will be carrying in your vehicle. As well as checking which features you want on your axles. Although, keep in mind that the better axles you go for, the higher their price will be.

Another great thing that you will notice is that Lipper provides their customers with warranty service for their axles. The spring axle has a warranty of 6 years while the Torsion axle has up to 11 years of warranty.

The dual axle models have a 1-year warranty on them but this might vary depending on which variant you select. The warranty covers both the suspension system as well as the axles themselves which should keep most users satisfied.

Although, one thing that you should keep in mind is that it is important to go through the warranty guidelines. These should contain information about situations in the warranty that can be claimed.

Considering this, if you ever run into any problems with your axle system then you should be able to get a replacement or repairs directly from the company. In case you are hesitant or have any queries then you can contact the brand on their customer support service.

The team should be able to help you out and even assist you in selecting axles that will work best with your vehicle. Most people using these are satisfied with the product so it is safe to assume that you should not have much trouble with them.

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