Common Lil Snoozy Trailer Problems (With Tips To Fix Them!)

lil snoozy problems
lil snoozy problems

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their family and friends. Although, when it comes to camping enthusiasts, these users will stay on their trips for long durations. This is why they must carry enough equipment to survive. Storing all of this on a small vehicle can be annoying which is why they purchase RVs or trailers instead. The main benefit of having a camper with you is that these can be towed to your existing vehicle.

You can then carry them around and even sleep in them. The only requirement to use them is having a hitch system and tow bar. Considering this, Lil Snoozy is one of the best small factor campers that people think about purchasing. While this might be amazing, there are also some issues that you can run into with it. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of problems that you can get on a Lil Snoozy trailer along with ways to fix them.

Common Lil Snoozy Problems

1. Stability Issues

The most common issue that most people get on their Lil Snoozy trailer is that it can start to shake or sway when driving at high speeds. This can be quite annoying to deal with but you should note that this problem is common with trailers. The main reason why you might be getting this is if you had not distributed the weight in your vehicle properly.

When towing down a trailer behind your car or truck, the user has to first ensure all the weight in their vehicle is distributed. Additionally, the pressure being put on the tongue of your tow bar should be lower than what it can handle. Exceeding this limit can result in your tow bar breaking while you were driving on the highway.

Considering this, you should get your vehicle and trailer weighed from a workshop. After this, the user can continue to distribute the weight between their trailer and vehicle equally. Once done, you will notice that most of the sway issue you were getting is now fixed. There is still a chance that you can run into some stability issues even after this, but this is normal. One other thing that you can keep a check over is the tires on your trailer.

These should be filled up with air at all times. Running low on air in these can also result in your vehicle shaking when going at high speeds. You can also install a pair of tire sensors on these wheels if you want to avoid having to check these from time to time. The sensors will notify you about the pressure ratings ensuring you keep them above the recommended value.

2. Electrical Issues

Sometimes when trying to use electrical appliances in your vehicle, the user can notice that some of these are not working. This can be frustrating to deal with but you should first check that the power cable was connected properly.

These can easily come off and with time you will notice that the springs in your outlets get loose. This causes the wire installed in them to come off suddenly, cutting off your connection. You can easily fix this issue by getting your outlet replaced with a new one. Although, you should note that another reason why your appliances might not be working can be that the outlet is simply broken.

You can test these by using a voltameter and taking readings of the current coming from your socket. Keep in mind that if you are hesitant on checking these on your own. Then you should contact an electrician instead.

3. Broken Equipment

Finally, another complaint from Lil Snoozy users is that the equipment in their vehicle started giving them problems. If the issue is from a faulty appliance, then you should note that the brand offers a warranty service. The company shut down during 2018 but It is now back and better than before.

It is best that you contact their customer support service and notify them about your problem. They will look into the issue and provide you with a viable solution. In most cases, you should be able to get a free replacement appliance from the brand. Just ensure that your vehicle is still under its warranty service.

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